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UNC Emergency Medicine Alumni

Our alumni practice EM and more all over the United States in both academic and community settings and also practice internationally! Annually, about one-third of graduates are choosing academic appointments or fellowship positions. The map below depicts were graduates are taking their first jobs out of residency over the last 5 years.

Some positions and titles held by our alumni presently or in the past:

  • SAEM president
  • ACEP Board Member
  • ACEP Councillor
  • Department Chair
  • Residency Program Director
  • Medical Student Clerkship Director
  • EMS Director
  • Ultrasound Director

Below are our Program’s Alumni along with their place of employment at the time of graduation.

Class of 2023

  • Angela Allen: Granville Medical Center, Oxford, NC; WEPPA
  • Bevan Bonhomme: Hartford Healthcare System, Conneticut
  • Eli Colman: UNC Johnston & Smithfield, WEPPA
  • Brendan DeCenso: UNC Johnston & Smithfield, WEPPA
  • Victoria Fenton: Cone Health – Greensboro, NC
  • Austin Flick: First Health Pinehurst, NC; Sandhills Emergency Physicians
  • Ethan Gerdts: Pioneers Memorial Healthcare, La Jolla California
  • Jordan Humphrey: WakeMed Raleigh, NC; WEPPA
  • Zachary Martin: Hawaii Emergency Physicians – HI
  • An Truong: UNC Wayne, Goldsboro, NC; WEPPA
  • Caroline Vines: Team Health, Richmond, Virginia
  • Andrew Wick: Mount Airy Emergency Physicians
  • Eric Saine: UNC Chatham

Class of 2022

  • Michael Ambrose, MD: Atrium Health (Charlotte, NC)
  • Chris Deery, MD: WakeMed (Raleigh, NC)
  • Alexandra Digenakis, MD: ECU (Greenville, NC)
  • Joy Hallmark, MD: First Health (Pinehurst, NC)
  • Byron Parker, MD: Banner Health (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Andrew Petrilli, MD: Wake Forest – Critical Care Fellowship (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • William Roper, MD: UNC Ultrasound Fellowship (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Matthew St. Marie, MD: Atrium Health (Charlotte, NC)
  • Elena Stansky, MD: Mission Hospitals (Asheville, NC)
  • Timothy Wetzel, MD: WakeMed (Raleigh, NC)
  • John Wooten, MD: UNC EMS Fellowship (Chapel Hill, NC)

Class of 2021

  • Paul Bartleson, MD: REX (Raleigh, NC)
  • Charles Blevins, MD: Wilson, NC
  • Karl Carmona, MD: Fayetteville, NC
  • Jonathan Hancher, MD: REX (Raleigh, NC)
  • Mark Hoppens, MD: UNC Ultrasound Fellowship (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Yi Li, MD: Stanford Healthcare – Critical Care Fellowship (Palo Alto, CA)
  • Daniel Markwalter, MD: UNC Palliative Care Fellowship (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Jillian Merica, MD: Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Lumberton, NC)
  • Nate Miller, MD: UNC EMS Fellowship (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Jay Modi, MD: REX (Raleigh, NC)
  • Bill Mosher, MD: UNC Ultrasound Fellowship (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Ryan Parawan, MD: Johnson City, TN
  • Martin Wegman, MD: Orange Park Medical Center (Jacksonville. FL)
  • Travis Wieland, MD: UW Madison Global Health Fellowship (Madison, WI)

Class of 2020

  • Tyler Beckler, MD: Caldwell Hospital (Lenoir, NC)
  • Zac Cardon, MD: UNC (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Kim Fender, MD: ECU (Greenville, NC)
  • Joseph Fisher, MD: San Antonio Military Medical Center – Lackland Air Force Base
  • Kyle Grimaldi, MD: Presbyterian Hospital (Charlotte, NC)
  • Kristie Hadley, MD: Global Health Fellowship
  • Mike McGarry, MD: Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Sarah Monks, MD: Los Angeles, CA
  • Kristen Palomba, MD: Beaumonth, MI
  • Lauren Querin, MD: Banner Health (Phoenix, AZ)

Class of 2019

  • Jonathan Dobin, MD: Colorado Springs, CO
  • Julian Flores, MD: Miami, FL
  • Jeffrey Fogle, MD: Great River Health Systems (Iowa)
  • Cory Hines, MD: Atrium Health (Charlotte, NC)
  • Brian Juliach, MD: WakeMed (Raleigh, NC)
  • Joseph Klembczyk, MD: Cape Fear Valley (Fayetteville, NC)
  • Matthew Milchalik, MD: Prisma Health (Greenville, NC)
  • Cody Stauffer-MacDowell, MD: Tampa, FL
  • William Teeter, MD: University of Maryland – Critical Care Fellowship
  • Matthew Williams, MD: San Luis (Obispo, CA)

Class of 2018

  • Timothy Buff, MD: Charlotte, NC
  • Jacob Dickson, MD: Texas
  • Thomas Krajewski, MD: New Orleans, LA
  • Erin Leidlein, MD: Mount Airy, NC
  • Nadeem Modan, MD: Henderson, NC
  • Collyn Murray, MD: Washington University – Medical Education Fellowship (St. Louis, MO)
  • Julie Saleeby, MD: WakeMed Health and Hospitals (Raleigh, NC)
  • Jeremy Smith, MD: Cape Fear Valley (Fayetteville, NC)
  • Robert Stenberg, MD: VCU – Ultrasound Fellowship (Richmond, VA)

Class of 2017

  • Jillian Bores, MD
  • Sam Bores, MD
  • Gary Burke, MD
  • Matthew Hall, MD
  • Josh Long, MD
  • Mark Munns, MD
  • John Riester, MD
  • Robert Sackman, MD
  • Carolina Veronese, MD
  • Carla Williams, MD

Class of 2016

  • Tyler Armstrong, MD
  • Carley Bria, MD
  • Tyler Jones, MD
  • Skyler Lentz, MD
  • Ling-Chun Lu, MD
  • Shannon Matthews, MD
  • Juan Montoya, MD
  • William Pemberton, MD
  • Brian Pisula, MD
  • Nicholas True, MD

Class of 2015

  • Adam Carter, MD
  • Christopher Scott Forsythe, MD
  • Eryka Gayle, MD
  • Graydon Goodman, MD
  • Katie Hughes, MD
  • Katie Koval, MD
  • Sarah Leeper, MD
  • Alyssa Ratzlaff, MD
  • Genevieve Schult, MD
  • Sara Tarjan, MD

Class of 2014

  • Cory Forbach, MD
  • Marin Darsie, MD
  • Katherine Fredlund, MD
  • Diane Miller, MD
  • Kevin Paduchowski, MD
  • Kunal Thakrar, MD
  • Kristen Ward, DO
  • Leonysia Watson, MD
  • Mary Weeks, MD
  • Alexis Wortley, MD

Class of 2013

  • Megan Cifuni, MD
  • Stephanie Crapo, MD
  • Stephen Gamboa, MD
  • Heather Heaton, MD
  • Gemma Lewis, MD
  • Christine Ngaruiya, MD
  • Anne O’Connor, MD
  • Daniel Renner, MD
  • Ryan Shanks, MD
  • Christina Shenvi, MD PhD

Class of 2012

  • Michael Barakat, DO
  • David Carbonell, MD
  • Rochelle Chijioke, MD
  • Tyler Jorgensen, MD
  • Sarah Mills, MD
  • Kristen (Morrell) Barrio, MD
  • Katherine Scott, MD
  • Hadley Trotter, MD
  • Lisa Williford, MD
  • Eric H. Wright, MD

Class of 2011

  • Phil DiGiacomo, MD
  • Katie Harlow, MD
  • Saundra Jackson, MD
  • Chris Jones, MD
  • Josh McKinney, MD
  • Tracy Parrish, MD
  • Shawn Patterson, MD
  • John (Brian) Seymour, MD
  • Lisa Tarris, MD
  • Bryan Tepper, MD

Class of 2010

  • Damian Caraballo, MD
  • Anjali Gupta, MD
  • Ben Leacock, MD
  • Brian O’Neal, MD
  • Dale Quirke, MD
  • Charles Scott, MD
  • Jeremy Strohkirch, MD
  • Carolyn Welch, MD
  • Nikki Binz (Waller), MD

Class of 2009

  • Jennifer Coombs, MD
  • Brian Delligatti, MD
  • Christie Fleming, MD
  • Greg Gawor, MD
  • Jonathan Ho, MD
  • Dana Mathew, MD
  • Alison Murphy, MD
  • Spencer Proctor, MD
  • Olga Otter, MD

Class of 2008

  • Jeffrey Cook, MD
  • Paul DeKoning, MD
  • Brian Downing, MD
  • Alex Ho, MD
  • Lisa Merck, MD
  • Bransom Page, MD
  • Trevor Phillips, MD
  • Andrew Pickens, MD

Class of 2007

  • Brendan Anzalone, MD
  • Josie Bowen, MD
  • Natalie Feldman, MD
  • Kenneth Hahn, MD
  • Mary Kirsch-Rupp, MD
  • Heather Lewis, MD
  • Noelle Mclaurin, MD
  • Gillian Schmitz, MD
  • Chris Thompson, MD

Class of 2006

  • Jennifer Eaton, MD
  • Matt Foster, MD
  • Mark Hill, MD
  • Anita L’Italien, MD
  • Brian Mamerow, MD
  • Arun Manikumar, MD
  • Mark Reiter, MD
  • Chris Reynolds, MD

Class of 2005

  • Seth Bleier, MD
  • Lauren Buchanan, MD
  • Eric Higginbotham, MD
  • Paul Hinchey, MD
  • David Messerly, MD
  • Geeta Subramaniam, MD
  • Jade Sung, MD
  • John Villani, MD

Class of 2004

  • Valerie DeMaio, MD
  • Diane Hamrick, MD
  • Thomas Kramer, MD
  • Jeffrey Lohr, MD
  • Cliffton Lavenhouse, Jr., MD
  • Scott Overcash, MD
  • G. Luke Seidensticker, MD
  • Carrie Vice, MD

Class of 2003

  • Ryan Garrett, MD
  • Armando Hevia, MD
  • David Kaminski, MD
  • Abhi Mehrotra, MD
  • Tracy Motyka, MD
  • Matthew Scholer, MD
  • Julie Tseng, MD
  • Matthew Young, MD

Class of 2002

  • Terence Fleming, MD
  • Chris Hernandez, MD
  • Russell Karten, MD
  • James “Tripp” Winslow, MD
  • Ramine Yazhari, MD
  • Stacie Zelman, MD

Class of 2001

  • Jill Call, MD
  • Charul Haugan, MD
  • Karen Hunt, MD
  • Shiley Lechner, MD
  • Mony Mehrotra, MD
  • Jennifer Raley, MD

Class of 2000

  • Thomas J. Doyle, MD
  • Matthew Harmody, MD
  • Matthew Keadey, MD
  • Damian McHugh, MD
  • Loc Ngo, MD
  • Stephen Tilghman, MD

Class of 1999

  • Gay Benevides, MD
  • Matt Blue, MD
  • Bob Brownstein, MD
  • P.J. Hamilton, MD
  • Aimee Heiss, MD
  • Kathleen McCue, MD
  • Mike Minogue, MD

Class of 1998

  • Tracy Hackeling, MD
  • Cherri Hobgood, MD
  • David Kruse, MD
  • Rodney McCaskill, MD
  • John Sverha, MD
  • Chris Velligan, MD