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Cochlear implant patient success story - UNC HealthHusband and wife, Jonathan and Juli, are passionate about giving back to the community. They each enrolled in research studies with our team investigating methods to individualize the mapping of cochlear implants to help each patient reach their best performance. In their words:

“When Jonathan was asked if he would be interested in becoming a clinical research participant, he was of course interested in gaining an edge in his own therapy that would be otherwise unavailable. However, it was really nice for him to know that something as simple as his involvement in these tests could add to the body of knowledge about hisCochlear Implant patient - UNC Health [cochlear implant, CI]…and that this would benefit others. That was truly fulfilling!

It has been six months since activation and he is thrilled to be able to hear music and sing (in tune!), stay engaged in conversations (even with lots of background noise), and otherwise live more or less normally as a hearing-impaired person. The function of the CI has been life-changing.

Juli, who took part as a family member of a CI recipient, felt it would give her a better perspective on what Jonathan would be able to hear if she joined in. It was very interesting for her to try to distinguish sounds via the same tests Jonathan was taking…and to compare notes! We are so grateful to the people who are doing this fine research!

Many thanks.”