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Hannah has been a bilateral cochlear implant listener since 2009. She is participating in a study investigating speechCochlear Implant Patient - UNC Health recognition and spatial hearing outcomes with place-based maps. In Hannah’s words: 

This research program is a great opportunity to help the doctors and research team at UNC. It was a fun experience because I was able to help learn how to help other kids and adults.I did this because I want to make sure that everyone has an equal chance in life. It was an interesting way to research, and I loved helping out people. The fun part was to test all the programs and be in the hearing booth.-Hannah

Cochlear Implant Patient“…From the very beginning of our family’s journey, there has always been students or other professionals involved in each appointment seeking to learn and help other children.…Hannah and I have participated in several studies and are happy to do so. Our participation not only benefits her but also future generations of kids and adults. Through these studies UNC is able to gain a better understanding of how children and adults with cochlear implants can have even better hearing experiences as the years progress.The most recent study…has been very beneficial in not only Hannah’s new mapping of her implants for better hearing, but also in my ability to hear and understand more of what it is like for her as a cochlear implant user.We jump at every opportunity we are given to further the research and understanding of hearing loss and cochlear implants…We love to help and again are so thankful for the UNC team of professionals who love and care enough to continue research programs.-Lisa, proud mom of Hannah