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The fellow will actively participate in a wide array of surgical procedures.  Previous fellows have averaged 245 cases each year over the last two years. The operative experience includes primary and revision endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic and open frontal sinus surgery, endoscopic septoplasty, orbital decompression, as well as endoscopic CSF leak and encephalocele repair. The fellow will also participate in expanded endoscopic cases of midline and the anterior skull base, including surgery of the pituitary, suprasellar cistern, olfactory groove, clivus and infratemporal fossa. The fellow will also have an opportunity to perform open approaches for tumor pathology of the skull base.

The following are cases performed by our fellows over the past 12 months. This does not represent the entirety of cases that would have been available for the fellows. At least approximately 10% of cases in each category were performed without fellows.