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Amber Sharpe, UNC Facial Nerve CenterAmber is a registered nurse who works alongside Dr. Madison Clark at the UNC Facial Nerve Center. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Liberty University. After working as a Pediatric Nurse for years, she transitioned to Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery about 6 years ago.

Amber enjoys guiding patients through reconstructive surgery and the healing process. She understands how important it is to teach and empower patients to care for themselves throughout the surgical process. Amber especially loves working with facial paralysis patients with Paralytic Eyelid Syndrome (PES) and guiding them through the surgical journey to improved eye protection and facial appearance. You will meet Amber at your visit with Dr. Clark at the UNC Facial Nerve Center and she will remain in close contact with you throughout the evaluation and treatment process.

Outside of work, Amber enjoys hiking, live music, and travel.