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The facial nerve can be cut during surgery or as a result of head/facial trauma. This transection injury results in facial paralysis. In most patients, repairing the facial nerve leads to the best outcomes with regards to restoring facial symmetry and movement.

Why choose Dr. Miller for facial nerve repair?

Dr. Miller is an expert in evaluating which patients are candidates for facial nerve repair, and performing facial nerve repair using cutting edge microsurgical techniques. If the cut ends of the nerve can be connected without tension, Dr. Miller will suture the nerve ends together under microscopic visualization. If there is a gap between the nerve ends, he will use an “extra” nerve from the upper arm, lower leg, or neck as a graft to bridge this gap. Using this spare nerve does not have significant side effects and provides better results in restoring facial symmetry compared to using artificial, “off-the-shelf” nerve grafts.

Are you a candidate for facial nerve repair? Call today to schedule an appointment at the UNC Facial Nerve Center: 984-974-2255.