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Lateral tarsal strip procedure to tighten the lower eyelid:

Facial paralysis patients often have trouble blinking and closing their eyes. Patients are not able to protect their eyes when this happens which can lead to infection, injury from foreign objects, dryness, and a feeling of irritation and/or discomfort. Lower eyelid laxity often contributes to this difficulty in closing and protecting the eye. Dr. Miller is an expert at performing the lateral tarsal strip procedure to tighten the lower eyelid. This tightening of a patient’s lower eyelid improves their comfort and eye protection. Further, Dr. Miller performs the procedure in a way that preserves the natural appearance of the eye.

What to expect during the lateral tarsal strip procedure:

Dr. Miller performs the lateral tarsal strip procedure in clinic so you do not have to go to the operating room. He will mark a natural crease at the outer corner of your eye to hide the scar and then inject a small amount of numbing medication in this area. After this, the procedure takes about 30 minutes. A 1cm incision is made in the natural skin crease, and the tarsal plate (connective tissue below the eyelid skin which provides structure to your eyelid) is shortened and secured to bone just above the corner of your eye.  The incision is then closed with dissolving stitches. Ointment is applied to the incision for a few days after the procedure.

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Patient before and after in-clinic left tarsal strip lower lid tightening