Joint & Secondary Faculty

Jessica Booker, PhD

Molecular pathology
Office: 1045 Anderson Pavilion
Phone: 919-966-7894 

Kathleen Caron, PhD

Adrenomedullin signaling in lymphatic endothelial cells
Office: 6132-B MBRB
Phone: 919-966-5215 

Frank Conlon, PhD

Developmental Genetics
Office: 222 Fordham Hall 
Phone: 919-843-5500 

Ian J. Davis, MD, PhD

Transcriptional regulation, oncogenes, cancer biology, chromatin Research interests
Office: 21-217 Lineberger Cancer Ctr
Phone: 919-966-5360

Robert J. Duronio, PhD

Developmental control of the cell cycle
Office: 3350 Genome Sciences Building
Phone: 919-962-4568

Rosann Farber, PhD

Human molecular genetics, somatic cell genetics, genetic instability
Office: 5017 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-966-6920

Yuchao Jiang, PhD

Statistical modeling, method development and data analysis in genetics and genomics
Office: 4115 D McGavern-Greenberg Hall

Eric Juengst, PhD

Social Medicine
Office: MacNider Hall

William Kim, MD

Cancer genetics
Office: 22-003 Lineberger Cancer Ctr
Phone: 919-966-4765

Yufeng Liu, PhD

Statistical machine learning, data mining, bioinformatics, nonparametric statistics, bioinformatics, cancer genomics
CCG Office: 4250 Genomic Sciences Bldg
Phone: 919-962-4475
STOR Office: 354 Hanes Hall
Phone: 919-843-1899