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The Adult CF team includes a Respiratory Clinical Specialist who will be involved in both your outpatient and inpatient care. During clinic visits this respiratory therapist (RT) will meet with you at least once a year; but is always available for questions between these evaluations. This team member will review how you take your inhaled medications to be sure you are taking them correctly, and in the proper order. The RT will also review proper methods of cleaning and caring for your respiratory equipment and trouble shooting when something does not seem to be operating properly. You are always welcome to bring your equipment in during a visit to help us help you!

When hospitalized, the Respiratory Clinical Specialist will work with a team of RTs experienced in CF inpatient care to make sure your stay is going well and orders for inhaled treatments and airway clearance are in place. They will review your preferences for airway clearance methods and devices in order to recommend the most effective method. This is also a good time to experiment with other airway clearance devices you have not tried previously to see if one might be more useful to you. Feel free to ask! In the hospital, we have a wide range of available devices, including chest therapy vests (you are welcome to bring yours in), VibraLung, MetaNeb and Aerobika. Exercise equipment is also available through nursing and physical therapy as an important additional method of improving airway clearance. Treatments typically start around 9am, but can be started earlier if you prefer. This dedicated team of CF RTs will work with you to achieve your best outcomes. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Donna Enloe at (984) 974-1418.

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