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Spiritus is the Latin term for breath, often used figuratively to mean spirit. The Spiritus Project is a non-profit organization whose concept was created by a CF patient and was launched by her family and friends in 2015 in order to provide CF patients, especially those transitioning from pediatric are to adult care, and their families financial and emotional support during their time of need. If you or someone you know may benefit from this program, please check out the Spiritus Project for further information.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides walk is the largest national fundraising event for CF and is held in approximately 500 locations across the US yearly. Find a walk near you or contact your local chapter for local events and let’s help add tomorrows for those living with CF.

Carolina’s Raleigh Chapter
7101 Creedmoor Road Suite 130
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 845-2155

The Garrett Thomas Foundation
The Garrett Thomas Foundation was established to help individuals and their families who are living with Cystic Fibrosis in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina with transportation, medical, housing, educational, and family leave assistance. If you or someone you know may benefit from this program please contact or if you would like to make a donation to The Garrett Thomas Foundation please visit:

CF Patient Assistance Fund
The UNC CF Patient Assistance Fund is used for medical devices, transportation assistance, and most recently grocery assistance. We hope to raise awareness around food insecurity issues among those living with Cystic Fibrosis and support patients who have an increased caloric need but who are unable to afford meals in order to support that need.  We have been able to raise funds for these types of assistance via local CF Awareness Nights as well as our Annual Fall Fundraiser; however, donations are always greatly appreciated!  If you would like to donate, please click here.

UNC Patient Advisory Board (PAB)
The Patient Advisory Board (PAB) for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is conducted by UNC Adult Cystic Fibrosis patients with the purpose of improving patient care in the UNC Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic. The PAB was started within the last 6 months and has 4 members that virtually attend bi-monthly meetings. The topics covered can range from clinic flow, Quality Improvement projects, the UNC Adult CF website and social media sites, as well as our Newsletter. The Patient Advisory Board members will serve a 2 year term at which point additional patients will be asked to join. If you have any questions regarding the UNC Patient Advisory Board (PAB) please contact the nurse coordinator.