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Transition is a change from one state to another. In CF, the goal of transition is to help young people build knowledge, gain skills, and move from the pediatric clinic to an adult clinic when the time comes. The UNC CF Center has created a more comprehensive CF transition program to make sure young people with CF are prepared for their lives as adults with CF and to make moving to the adult clinic more seamless.

This includes practicing self-care skills, learning how CF might affect your life as an adult (college, work, children, etc.), taking responsibility for daily CF therapies and clinic visits, building self-reliance, gaining knowledge, and becoming more independent. By focusing on wellness and the social, emotional, and developmental effects of CF we hope to guide young people as they build a solid foundation for their life as a successful adult with CF.

The UNC CF Center is currently working on creating a more comprehensive, streamlined approach to CF transition. To do this we have:
• Hired a CF Transition Coordinator who focuses specifically on CF transition at UNC.
• Created a Transition Team made up of members from both the adult and pediatric
clinics that focuses specifically on CF transition at UNC. The Team meets every week
to troubleshoot
problems and make transition smoother for everyone.
• Begun using CF R.I.S.E. in the pediatric clinic and in the adult clinic, when needed.
CF R.I.S.E. is an online program for people 16 and
older to help them learn skills,
set goals, and gain independence. An overview of CF R.I.S.E is available
CF R.I.S.E. can be accessed at If you would like to sign up for
CF R.I.S.E. please contact the Transition Coordinator (contact information below).
• Started a quality improvement project to improve transition at UNC.

We are always trying to improve CF transition at UNC and would appreciate feedback on transition experiences (positive and negative), both from people who transitioned from the UNC pediatric clinic and from people who came from other clinics.

What Should I expect when I come to the Adult CF Clinic?

Welcome to the Adult CF Clinic!

Clinic is held alternating Monday & Wednesdays, as well as every Thursday.

CHECK-IN: After checking in at the front desk, you will be called from the lobby for Pulmonary Function Testing and Nurse Check-In. Family members are significant others will not be allowed during PFT’s and check-in due to privacy, space limitations and infection control issues. However, we welcome your family and significant others during the physician visit! It is your decision, as the patient, to include or exclude whomever you wish during the visit. However, there may be times where we ask to speak with you, the patient, alone due to sensitivity of information being discussed, and we encourage you to become your own spokesman whether or not your family is present with you.

CLINIC VISIT: Before being placed in the exam room, lets us know if you have family or significant others in the waiting room that you want to be in the exam room with you. While in the exam room, you may see multiple team members, including your Physician, Dietitian, Social Worker, Respiratory Specialist and Nurse Coordinator. Research coordinators from UNC may approach you in clinic to discuss current research studies going on and ask you about your interest in being involved, as well! We have exciting research going on at the UNC CF Center and look forward to involving you, if you are interested in participating.

MASKS: For your protection and health, and the health of all patients at UNC, and per UNC Infection Control Policy and CF Guidelines, patients with Cystic Fibrosis will be required to wear a surgical mask when in common clinic areas during your visit. One of your Medical Support Assistants at the front desk will give you a mask upon check-in. Please wear at all times when in public areas, including the lobby and hallways. Masks may be removed while in the exam room with the door closed. Contact precautions will be observed throughout your visit. Every healthcare professional coming in contact with you will be wearing a yellow gown and gloves when they enter the exam room.

DON’T FORGET: On clinic day, bring a list of medications, allergies and vaccination history. Ask for an updated list at the end of your appointment if one is not offered to you. Don’t forget to ask for medication refills you need during your nurse check-in or with your physician. Feel free to bring your nebulizer or vest to clinic, if you have questions for our Respiratory Clinical Specialist.


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