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Shadowing a Neurologist

Any individual interested in shadowing a neurologist at UNC must first follow the instructions listed on the UNC Volunteer Services website to obtain a shadowing badge: UNC Volunteer Services

  • To shadow on the inpatient side, please reach out to Dr. Michael Wang to schedule a date to shadow. At this time, a shadow visitor can only spend one day per calendar year to shadow the inpatient neurology team.
  • To shadow on the outpatient side, one must first find a preceptor who is willing to supervise the shadow visitor. UNC Volunteer Services has implemented a form on its website that the preceptor needs to fill out ahead of time.

Medical Rotations:

The following courses are offered for fourth-year medical students interested in rotating with the UNC Department of Neurology:

  • NEUR 412: Acting Internship in Neurology; course director: Michael Wang
  • NEUR 410: Pediatric Neurology; course director: Yael Shiloh-Malawsky
  • NEUR 408: Neurocritical Care; course director: Tamara Strohm
  • NEUR 430: Telemedicine Basics in Neurological Practice (special permission course); course director: Ana Felix
  • NEUR 432: Longitudinal Telemedicine Elective in Neurological Care (special permission course); course director: Ana Felix
  • NEUR 404: Adult Neurology Outpatient Elective (special permission course – the prerequisite of completing NEUR 412 or NEUR 410); course director: Michael Wang