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Pharmacology Travel Policy

Please note: We are updating travel information on this page due to the change over to using Concur. Updates are still in progress.

Concur is the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s new software program for pre-travel approval, travel booking, and travel and business entertainment expense reimbursements. In addition, purchases made on the new University Travel & Expense (T&E) Card will be reconciled in Concur Expense. All Faculty and Staff will begin using Concur for Travel beginning April 27, 2021. Students and Guest Travelers will continue to use CABS, Web Travel, and ConnectCarolina until further notice.

We have established a shared email address for all travel-related questions and requests. Please email for all travel correspondence.

For Students and guests

Students and guests will continue to use the same Web Travel/CABS request system.

  • Obtain pre-authorization from the department/unit in advance of booking travel.
  • Work with department/unit business office to book airfare through a University’s Authorized Travel Agency, World Travel, Inc. Payment will be direct billed through CABS (Central Airfare Billing System). See Airfare-Direct Billing for details.
  • Submit expense reports for internal departments/units approvals within 30 days of trip return and respond promptly to requests for details and documentation.

For Faculty, Staff and Postdocs

  1. Prior Authorization: Obtain pre-travel approval by submitting a Concur Request for all travel which includes airfare, lodging, and/or meal per diem. The established naming convention for all travel requests is: “Name of Location_Purpose of Travel” Example: Vanderbilt University_Invited Talk or Waynesboro Virginia_MAMP Conference
  2. Booking & Payment: Utilize the Concur Travel booking tool or contact the University’s Authorized Travel Agency to book airfare.
    • T&E Card Account holders will make payment on their T&E Card. Non-T&E cardholders will utilize the University’s direct bill payment method.

*T&E cardholders do not book any travel on a personal credit card and expect reimbursement. For now (August 2021), non-T&E cardholders will pay out of pocket for everything other than airfare and registration and be reimbursed by submitting an Expense Report in Concur.

    • Conference Registration fees and Professional Business-Related Membership Dues may be paid on the T&E Card. Non-T&E Cardholders should use their P-Card.

*T&E cardholders do not book any travel on a personal credit card and expect reimbursement.

  1. Paying for meals while traveling:  All travelers receive a set per diem for meals and should use their personal credit card or other personal funds to pay for meals.
    • Do not use the T&E card to pay for your meals while traveling. The T&E card is only allowed to pay for meals associated with business entertainment expenses (involving at least one other person, and in that case it is processed separately in Concur and is not considered a travel expense).
  2. Reimbursement: Submit expense reports for approval in Concur Expense; reports may be submitted through the web-based version of Concur or through the Concur Mobile App.

If a Business Entertainment Expense is paid for out of pocket, the reimbursement request should be submitted on an Expense Report in Concur.  If taxes were included in the purchase, they must be removed from the reimbursement request.

Everyone To Know Before They Go

The University traveler is responsible for

  • Faculty and staff should familiarize themselves with how to access and utilize the Concur
  • UNC-Chapel Hill travel spending policies.
  • Travel status begin and end times, including times when a trip mixes business and personal activities.
  • If there are any funding sources or departmental restrictions.
  • Any unapproved expenses will not be paid/reimbursed.
  • Never to use university resources to pay for personal expenses.


  • Keep costs to a minimum while meeting the traveler’s scheduling and business needs.
  • Retain all expense receipts for reimbursement.
  • Report allowable expenses and claim reimbursement in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • Notify the unit/department business office of any unused University resources (i.e., unused prepaid airline tickets, excess travel advance funds).
  • When traveling abroad, please review the UNC Global’s Preparing for International Travel Page and enroll in the Travel Health Insurance program.
  • If traveler is hand carrying or shipping out of the country any research equipment, biological material or non-biological scientific samples, see Policy on Export Controls before proceeding.

UNC International Travel Policy

Pre-approval for international travel is still required from the Dean’s office and the Provost’s Office.

UNC Travel Policy & Resources

Information related to Pre-Travel Authorization, Travel Booking, and Post-Travel Reimbursement. Related policies, forms, and procedures:

Travel & Expense Card Program

Helps University faculty, staff and student reduce use of personal funds during University business travel.

Using Concur Quicklinks

Travel Info Quicklinks

For additional questions or assistance, please contact Cheri Hitt or April Villanueva at