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Pharmacology Departmental Supply/Service Ordering Procedure


  1. Left-click once on the appropriate “Delivery Destination” link below to open the PHCO supply/service order form spreadsheet. This will open an Excel spreadsheet in which you will enter information about your order.
  2. Upon opening, the order form’s cursor will default at the yellow “Date” cell position. Type the date you are ordering (e.g. 10/16/06) and then press the TAB key. Only enter information in cells colored yellow.
  3. Press the TAB key again.
  4. Your cursor should now be at the yellow “Vendor” cell. Type in the name of the vendor from which you wish to place your order and press TAB.
  5. Your cursor should now be at the yellow “Attention” cell. Type in the name of the PI whose project you are working on along with your last name (e.g. Johnson/Gill) and then press the TAB key.
  6. Your cursor should now be at the yellow “Internal Account Number” cell. If you know the specific account number which is to be charged for the supplies/services, type it here (e.g. 5-12345) and press the TAB button. If you DO NOT KNOW this number, leave the cell blank and just press the TAB button.
  7. Press the TAB button 3 more times.
  8. Your cursor should now be in the “1.” cell in the first row order form’s body. Press TAB one more time to move your cursor under the “Description” header of the form. Type the item’s catalog number (if applicable) and a brief description of the supply/service (NOTE: Left-click once on the “Example Form” link to view an example of a completed form).
  9. Press TAB as many times as necessary to move through the form and complete your order. Make sure to number the line of each item and/or to move to a new line if your description “runs long” (i.e. cannot be seen in its entirety – again, see the Example Form). If your order requires more than the number of lines on one sheet, open another sheet, follow instructions 1 – 8 and complete your order.
  10. Press TAB as many times as necessary to move the cursor into the yellow “Special Instructions” field if there is anything exceptional about your order (e.g. overnight delivery, notify if item on backorder, notations of quotes or special pricing, etc.).
  11. Upon completion, save the form to your own computer using an appropriate name (e.g. “Fisher 06-01-06”, “Invitrogen Johnson 06-01-06” – NOTE: use of hyphen in date).
  12. Email the form as an attachment to
  • For CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES (radioactivity/alcohol/etc.) you must provide the appropriate, signed paperwork (e.g., Appendix C, Alcohol requisition, etc.) directly to Alfred Dolge (4009 Genetic Medicine Building).
  • Appendix C (in PDF Form)

After your order is processed you will be emailed a finished form as an attachment complete with identification and reference numbers – save this file.

If you have any problems or need help completing or submitting the order sheet, contact Alfred Dolge– or Patty Holloway–

Delivery Destination:

Please be sure to use the correct form for your location so that your deliveries will go to the right building.