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Research Assistant Professor of Radiology


Li-Ming is deeply fascinated by the intricacies of the human brain. The opportunity to combine technology and neuroscience, especially in the realm of radiology, was an intriguing path. Research allows him to ask questions, be continuously curious, and strive to unravel the mysteries of the brain’s functionality.


Li-Ming’s expertise lies in neuroimaging, specifically functional MRI, and understanding the complex networks of the brain. He has also invested a significant amount of time in studying addiction models. The brain’s interconnecting networks and their role in behavior, disease, and addiction remain somewhat uncharted. The challenge of demystifying these complex structures and pathways using cutting-edge imaging technology was an irresistible pursuit.

Professional Interests

Professionally, he is keen on translating findings from rodents to humans, developing machine learning tools for functional MRI data analysis, and understanding the neurobiological mechanisms underlying various brain functions.


Li-Ming is particularly invested in exploring how brain networks interact under different conditions and understanding the neurobiological mechanisms behind nicotine addiction. Moreover, he is passionate about bridging the findings from rodent models to human applications. By offering deeper insights into brain networks, his research aims to provide a clearer roadmap for other neuroscientists. The methodologies and models he develops can set new standards and open doors to novel research avenues. The findings could lead to better diagnostic tools for neurological disorders or more effective therapeutic strategies, especially in addiction. On a broader scale, the research’s end goal is to better human lives. Whether through early diagnosis, innovative treatments, or simply understanding the brain better, the implications can touch everyone, directly or indirectly.

Honors and Awards

Magna Cum Laude Merit Awards from ISMRM in 2020 and 2016.


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