Grad Students 2013 Retreat Winners

Congratulations to Peter Thompson, Harsha Gunawarden, Seth Zimmerman, Tim Jacobs and Marino Convertino.

Talk Winners


Peter Thompson a Graduate Student in the Campbell Lab
"Actin bundling through vinculin tail dimerization relies upon conformational dynamics in Vt helix 4"


Harsha Gunawardena, PhD a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Chen Lab
"A unified label-free quantitation (LFQ) method combining spike-in metabolic labeling for comprehensive global and phosphoproteomic analysis of breast cancer subtypes"

Poster Winners


Seth Zimmerman a Graduate Student in the Kuhlman Lab
"Modulation of Actin Structures through Light Controlled Actin Capping"

Tim Jacobs

Tim Jacobs a Graduate Student in the Kuhlman Lab
"Computationally guided design of a PCSK9 inhibitor"

Marino Convertino a Postdoctoral Fellow from Dokholyan Lab
"GPCR heterodimerization leads to opioid-induced hyperalgesia"