Researchers clock DNA’s recovery time after chemotherapy

The lab of Aziz Sancar, MD, PhD, published a paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that could inform the creation of ‘chronochemotherapies’ — strategies aimed using chemo to treat cancer patients at particular times of the day to maximize therapeutic benefit. (Authors: Yanyan Yang PhD, Postdoctoral fellow; Zhenxing Liu PhD, Postdoctoral fellow; Christopher Selby PhD, Research Instructor; Aziz Sancar MD PhD, Distinguished Professor.)

BCBP Student Appreciation Week April 1-5 Events

We appreciate our graduate students for all thier hard work and accomplishments to teaching and research! Graduate students come and enjoy your week of events here at BCBP. We are glad to have you all here! (Most of our events are not limited just to graduate students and we’d love to share these activities with faculty, staff, and post-docs!)

Li, postdoctoral fellow in Sancar lab, receives 2018 EMGS and PARE Awards

Postdoc from Aziz Sancar lab Wentao Li holds plaque from UNC PARE award 2018 ceremony

Wentao Li, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Aziz Sancar, has received the 2018 EMGS New Investigator Travel Award & 2018 PARE Award.

UNC scientists solve 3-D structure of CF protein in active, inactive states

3-D structure of CF protein in active, inactive states

In the Riordan lab, postdoctoral fellow Jonathan Fay, PhD, led experiments using single-particle cryoEM to discover…

2018 Research Retreat held at Graylyn on October 4 and 5th

photo of research retreat award winners

There were excellent department talks and posters, and a host of team building activities that made this year’s retreat an engaging and exciting event!

New publication in Blood from Bergmeier Lab

Robert Lee PhD Wergmeier lab

Bergmeier Lab has a new publication in Blood: Functional redundancy between RAP1 isoforms in murine platelet production and function.

Scientists discover new gene expression mechanism with possible role in human disease

UNC School of Medicine researchers, led by Brian Strahl, PhD, found surprising role for a protein called Spt6, which is crucial to the maintenance of proper messenger RNA levels in cells, a discovery that opens new research avenues and suggests a target for basic understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases.

Stephan Kudlacek First Authored Paper in JBC on Zika research

photo of Stephan Kudlacek graduate student of Kuhlman lab UNC

The UNC School of Medicine labs of Brian Kuhlman, PhD, and Aravinda de Silva, PhD, found that key components of a potentially potent vaccine fall apart due to body temperature, leaving us susceptible to severe infection.

Maness lab news and updates

Patricia Maness, PhD

Vishwa Mohan and Sarah Wade published a new paper in Ce … Continued

Halloween 2017 – special thanks to…

Thanks to students Hanna Trzeciakiewicz (Cohen Lab) and Aaztli Coria (Laederach Lab) and office staff Jamie DeSoto, Lynn Ray, and Susan Sarvis for organizing a fun Halloween party. Prizes for best individual costume went to Dr. Edward Moreira Bahnson with the white skeleton face and bow tie. Best group costume went to the Parise Lab with the mice costumes. Winner of the Pumpkin weight contest went to Bobby Lee (Bergmeier Lab). Actual weight was 33 pounds. Winner of the Candy Corn Count went to Aleksandra Skrajna (McGinty Lab). Actual count was 1340 candy corns.