This is a sortable list of the faculty in the UNC Department of Neurology. Click on the title in the header row to sort by that column.

William J. Powers, MD Department Chair 919.966.8178 Professor/Department Chair
Richard Murrow, MD Movement Disorders 919.966.4401 Associate Professor
Bradley V. Vaughn, MD Sleep Disorders 919.966.4401 Professor
Albert Hinn, MD Epilepsy 919.966.4401 Associate Professor
Heidi Roth, MD Cognitive Neurology/ Dementia/ Aphasia Specialist, Sleep Specialist 919.966.4401 Associate Professor
Peter L. Jacobson, MD Neurology Palliative Care Professor
James F. Howard Jr., MD Neuromuscular Disorders 919.966.4401 Professor
Kevin R. Robertson, PhD NeuroAIDS Research Research Professor
Colin D. Hall, MBChB NeuroAIDS Research Professor
Daniel I. Kaufer, MD Memory/Cognitive Disorders 919.966.4401 Associate Professor
Nizar Chahin, MD Neuromuscular Disorders 919.966.4401 Assistant Professor
David Y. Huang, MD, PhD Stroke 919.966.4401 Associate Professor
Souvik Sen, MD Stroke Adjunct Associate Professor
Susan Wilson, CNP Stroke 919.966.5547 Assistant Professor
Cheryl Mcneil, MD General Neurology 919.966.4401 Assistant Professor
Ana Felix, MD General Neurology 919.966.4401 Assistant Professor
Doug Mann, MD Headache/Pain 919.966.4401 Professor
Wei Li Lin, PhD Radiology Professor
Silva Markovic-Plese, MD Multiple Sclerosis 919.966.4401 Associate Professor
Rick Meeker, PhD Basic Neuroscience Research Professor
Nina Browner, MD Movement Disorders 919.966.4401 Assistant Professor
Kirk Wilhelmsen, MD, PhD Movement Disorders 919.966.5549 Associate Professor
Joe Kornegay, DVM, PhD Neuromuscular Disorders 919-966-9398 Professor
Timothy Gershon, MD, PhD Pediatric Neuro-Oncology 919.966.2528 Assistant Professor
Dedrick Jordan, MD, PhD Neurocritical Care 919.966.6727 Assistant Professor
CJ Malanga, MD, PhD Child Neurology Research 919.699.2528 Assistant Professor
Jing Wu, MD Neuro-Oncology Joint Faculty Appointment Neurology/Neurosurgery
Rhonda Cadena, MD Neurocritical Care 919.966.6727 Assistant Professor
Hae Won Shin, MD Epilepsy/Epilepsy Surgery Assistant Professor
Natalie Aucutt-Walter, MD Stroke Assistant Professor
Yen-Yu Ian Shih, PhD Biomedical Research Imaging Center 919-843-4729 Assistant Professor
Zheng (Jane) Fan, MD Child Neurology 919.966.1401 Assistant Professor
Robert S. Greenwood, MD Child Neurology 919.966.1401 Professor
Michael Tennison, MD Child Neurology 919.966.1401 Professor
Murvet Elkay, MD Child Neurology 919.966.1401
Daniel Roque, MD General Neurology 919.966.4401 Assistant Professor
Michael Wang, MD Stroke 919.966.4401 Clinical Assistant Professor
Octavio de Marchena, MD Stroke 919.966.4401 Clinical Associate Professor
Chafik Karam, MD Neuromuscular Disorders 919.966.4401 Clinical Assistant Professor
Todd Cohen, PhD Neurodegenerative Disorders Assistant Professor
Yael Shiloh-Malawsky, MD Child Neurology 919-966-2528 Clinical Assistant Professor
Casey Olm-Shipman, MD Neurocritical Care 919.966.6727 Clinical Assistant Professor