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field day collage with students in light colored shirts

Thank you to everyone who participated in and helped run our second UNC BCBP Field Day on Friday, June 23rd, 2023! Over 30 trainees, staff, and faculty within the department came together for an afternoon of friendly but fierce science-themed competition. Congratulations to the winning pink team – Garrett Chappell, Dillon Sloan, Nick Randolph, and Kevin Slep – who claimed victory after beating out the gray and blue teams in the final challenge and engineering the most robust boat. Some photos from the event are featured below.

Following BCBP Field Day, the Student Seminar Awards for the 2022-2023 year were presented and organized by the Student Seminar Committee – Uriel Jean-Baptiste, Darex Vera-Rodriguez, and Sierra Cole. Thank you to Uriel, Darex, and Sierra for your hard work over the past year to make these monthly seminars so successful. The following students were presented with awards for the 2022-2023 Student Seminar series:

Xavier Bonner, Swanstrom Lab – Excellent ability to connect with the audience

Mark Kowolewski, Redinbo Lab – Excellent timing and pacing

Ike Emerson, Conlon Lab – Excellent visual aids and appeal

Thanh Thanh Nguyen Phan, Kuhlman Lab – Excellent organization and clarity

Amelia McCue, Kuhlman Lab – Overall outstanding presentation

Congrats everyone!!