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Aubrie Weyhmiller with fall scenes in background
Aubrie Weyhmiller


Aubrie is joining Amelia and Gage this year to organize social events for the department of Biochemistry & Biophysics.




Amelia McCue
Amelia McCue
Gage Leighton
Gage Leighton

Amelia McCue and Aubrie Weyhmiller are graduate students in Brian Kuhlman’s lab. The Kuhlman lab focuses on computational protein design including therapeutics, de novo protein design, and enzymes. Gage Leighton is a graduate student in David Williams lab in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. The Williams lab studies the structure and dynamics of macromolecular complexes through protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions.


BCBP Student Social Chairs are responsible for organizing departmental and student events throughout the year such as happy hours, welcome events, and holiday parties. There are some exciting plans for the upcoming months, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox!

We want the incoming BBSP students to see our plans and encourage those rotating in our labs or interested in our programs to come join us.

BCBP Social Events plans for Summer and Fall 2021

To gauge everyone’s availability for future events like games on the GMB lawn, a weekend hike, zoom game night, backyard fire pit etc. If you haven’t done so already, please specify your general availability or when you’d like us to schedule events using the website When is Good. Also if you have any suggestions for events or feedback, please leave an anonymous comment here on the BCBP Social Events General Feedback form.


Durham Bulls game (July 23, Friday night fireworks!)


Welcome event on GMB lawn with pizza and beverages


Badminton and treats on GMB lawn

Ben & Jerry’s (on Franklin)



Halloween party / costume contest


Thanksgiving potluck


Departmental Holiday party

Other departmental on-going events include: monthly bagel breakfast and coffee hour, research seminars, and more!

Visit our BCBP events calendar. We invite guests to our events including incoming BBSP students. We look forward to another fantastic year!