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Learn more about Henrik Dohlman, professor and vice chair of biochemistry and biophysics, from his profile highlight in ASBMB Today’s December 2013 issue.

Henrik Dohlman, PhD

Dr. Henrik Dohlman is featured in ASBMB Today’s December 2013 issue as a new associate editor for the Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC). Dr. Dohlman began his five year term this July. In the article, Dr. Dohlman talks about his early career in Biochemistry at Duke with Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz (2012 Nobel laureate) and his postdoctoral work with Dr. Jeremy Thorner at University of California, Berkley. Before coming to UNC, Dr. Dohlman was also a faculty member at Yale. Currently in his lab, his research centers around yeast for desensitization mediated by G proteins and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). We also learn that his parents and brother are academic researchers and that notably his love for his job and work with his trainees is evident.

“I’m at the point in my career now where I learn as much from my students as they learn from me, and that contributes a lot to my enjoyment of this job.”

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