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UNC-CH biochemistry and biophysics meeting at a retreat at GraylynWelcome new incoming BBSP Students!

Rotation projects are available in cardiovascular disease and cancer to 1) translate lipid inhibitors of platelet aggregation into therapeutics to prevent thrombotic events and 2) use targeted and systems biology approaches to explore CIB1 in cancer cell and endothelial cell biology.

These are the broad areas of research happening in our department: Cellular Biology, Genetics & Molecular Biology, Biophysical Studies.

Ed Siraliev-Perez graduate student
Ed Siraliev-Perez PhD, (Alum 2020) Sondek lab


Our PIs collaborate across multiple disciplines: Cardiovascular Biology, Cell Signaling, Drug Discovery, Genomics, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Cancer Biology, Computational Biology, Drug Delivery, Genetics, Nanomedicine, Pathology, Physiology, Systems Biology, Chemical Biology, Plant Biology, Toxicology, Bioinformatics, Nanomedicine, X-ray Crystallography, Biomolecular NMR, Pharmacology Virology, Molecular Dynamics,  enzyme kinetics, Microscopy, translational medicine, and more.


Juanita Limas (left) works at a lab bench with Amiee Littlejohn.
Juanita Limas PhD (Alum 2021) (left) works at a lab bench with Amiee Littlejohn, Cook lab

Rotations in these Labs: see faculty list for these opportunities. Look for banner “Accepting Rotation Students” on people menu for the faculty profiles or visit these quick links to labs below.

Rick Baker lab  

Rebecca Berlow lab  

Wolfgang Bergmeier lab  

Brian Button lab  

Sharon Campbell lab  

Charlie Carter lab   

Jean Cook lab   

Henrik Dohlman lab  

Jill Dowen lab  

Gaorav Gupta lab  

Guochun Jiang lab  

Brian Kuhlman lab  

Andrew Lee lab  

Rob McGinty lab  

Saskia Neher lab  

Gary Pielak lab  

Dale Ramsden lab  

Brian Strahl lab  

Ron Swanstrom lab  

Greg Wang lab  

Qi Zhang lab 

Faculty database on the BBSP website

Watch videos tours on YouTube, explore our website, and follow us on social media!

We encourage BBSP Students to rotate in our labs, attend our department & student socials, 2022-23 BCBP seminars, professional events, and choose one of our PhD programs at the end of the year. – Events calendar for UNC Biochemistry & Biophysics

green team table games BP field day

4 people Holly Shepherd, Brian Strahl, Gabby B., and Wolfgang Bergmeier. Gabby holds the award
2022 Diane Harris Leadership Awardee, Gabby Budziszewski PhD




The fourth-year cohort's winning spaghetti and marshmallow structure.
BP field day: The fourth-year cohort’s winning spaghetti and marshmallow structure on field day (2022)


4 awardees standing under the tent with award certificiates
(L to R) Peer-nominated student awardees. Gabby Budziszewski pictured with Dalia Fleifel, Gabrielle Dardis, and Gage Leighton (2022)
5 groups of 5 teams standing in groups with colored t shirts
BP field day (Summer 2022)


Luna's student event with 21 people sitting outside on May 28, 2021
Student social at Lunas (Summer 2021)