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Our faculty and research assistants presented posters to welcome BBSP-admitted students and encouraged them to join us in our Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program at UNC Chapel Hill. Other events during the weekend included giving tours and hosting lunches & dinners. Thank you to all the faculty and students who were involved in the events that spanned over two weekends!

Here are a few photos to highlight the BBSP event. These photos are from the March 17, 2023, first session. There were other faculty who presented research posters last weekend as well as in our second session on Friday.

Special thanks to everyone from our department who made this a memorable event.

The labs (both primary and adjunct) from the BCBP Department that helped out with posters, lunches, and dinners  during the 2 recruitment weekends are (in no particular order):

Chrystal Starbird

Guochun Jiang

Rebecca Berlow

Jean Cook

Ron Swanstrom

Brian Strahl

Sharon Campbell

Brian Kuhlman

Gaorav Gupta

Rick Baker

Rob McGinty

Cyrus Vaziri

Konstantin Popov

Drew Lee

Wolfgang Bermeier

Brian Button