Our new students gave talks on April 28, 2020 

Abigail Ballard, Bergmeier lab, Biochemistry Track (BC)
“4-D Imaging of Hemostatic Plug Formation”
Matt Begley, Baker lab, BC
“Analysis of Microtubule Binding Proteins via Cryo-EM”
Brandy Curtis, Gladfelter lab, BC
“An investigation of plastic degradation by coral-associated marine fungi”
Dalia Fleifel, Cook lab, BC
“An in vitro system mimicking Osteoarthritis”
Sarah Harris, Dominguez lab, Biophysics Track (BP)
“Determination of RNA binding motifs in the histone mRNA stem-loop with SLBP”
Christopher Shelby, Kuhlman lab, BP (not pictured)
“Microbiome Engineering”
Aubrie Weyhmiller, Kuhlman lab, BP
“Modeling Protein-DNA Interactions In MATLAB”
Anna Wheless, Neher lab, BC
“Nanobodies for Enhancing LPL Activity”
Abigail Ballard
Abigail Ballard, Bergmeier lab
Matthew Begley
Matt Begley, Baker lab
Brandy Curtis
Brandy Curtis, Gladfelter lab
Dalia Fleifel
Dalia Fleifel, Cook lab
Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris, Dominguez lab
Aubrie Weyhmiller
Aubrie Weyhmiller, Kuhlman lab
Anna Wheless
Anna Wheless, Neher lab
This year our new students gave talks over Zoom. We had a large turnout for this 2 hour event listening to the research from the students recent rotations.