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Retreat Presentation winners

Highlighting the standouts of our 2023 research retreat presentations:

Nick Randolph (Kuhlman lab) delivered an outstanding talk, Kanishk Jain, PhD (Strahl lab) presented the most impressive post-doc poster, and Uriel Jean-Baptiste (Neher lab) showcased the top graduate student poster.

Kudos to these talented individuals for their remarkable contributions at our retreat!

Best Talk

Nick Randolph

Nick Randolf at the conference for our 2023 research retreat he is giving his best talk at the retreat

Nick Randolph graduate student in the Kuhlman lab gave the best talk at the retreat.
Talk title “Rapid and Accurate Protein Side Chain Packing with PIPPack”

Rick Randolf grad student in Kuhlman lab
Nick Randolf

Poster Winners

Kanishk Jain


Kanishk Jain phd postdoctoral fellow Strahl lab 2020



The best post-doc poster was awarded to Kanishk Jain, PhD in the Strahl lab.
Title of Poster “Understanding the role of PHRF1 in transcriptional regulation and DNA damage response.”

Kanishk Jain postdoctoral fellow Strahl lab 2019
Kanishk Jain PhD

Uriel Jean-Baptiste

Uriel JB retreat photo 2023 winner of poster



The best graduate student poster was awarded to Uriel Jean-Baptiste in the Neher lab.
Title of Poster “Characterizing the Enzymatic Activity of Endothelial Lipase”

A diverse scienitst named Uriel Jean-Baptiste sits at desk in the Neher lab
Uriel Jean-Baptiste