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UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics gives out Staff Excellent Award every year. This award is given to staff members who display dedication, service, and commitment to Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Congratulations to David S. Paul and Lynn Ray our 2020 honorees!

David S Paul and Marsha Lynn Ray 2020 staff awards

The Department’s Staff Recognition Program was established in 2013 to annually recognize staff members for their outstanding achievement and service. Nominations are made with the following criteria in mind: teamwork, creativity and innovation, positive attitude, enthusiasm, productivity, flexibility and leadership.

The Staff Excellent Award for Research: David Paul

photo of David S. Paul PhD Research Associate
David S. Paul PhD, Senior Research Associate

David Paul has been a cornerstone of the Bergmeier lab since 2012. His nominations noted that beyond excelling in his own research, he is an extraordinary mentor to undergraduate, rotation, and graduate students, as well as to postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists.

Statements from David’s nominators:

“It is fair to say that the Bergmeier lab runs on Dave.”

“Dave is an amazing candidate for this award as he combines scientific excellence with compassion and leadership skills – in my mind he is the perfect example of what UNC stands for.”

“Dave has been an outstanding mentor and a person to look up to. Dave has an impeccable work ethic; he encourages me to be better and is an amazing staff member at UNC.”

Congratulations David Paul for your contributions to the department!

The Staff Excellent Award for Administration: Marsha Lynn Ray

Lynn Ray
Marsha “Lynn” Ray, Associate Chair for Administration

Lynn went well above and beyond the incredible support she always gives to our department because of the additional burdens required to keep us running smoothly during this pandemic. Her nominations noted the overtime she put in to deal with the shut-down, countless hours securing PPE and efforts to make sure all department members stay in compliance.

Lynn is celebrating 45 years of state service in 2021 and as of this month she has worked in our department for 15 years!

Statements from Lynn’s nominators:

“Lynn showed incredible support to the department and went well above and beyond for all of us.”

“Lynn went above and beyond over the pandemic to make sure the department ran smoothly.”

Congratulations to Lynn for her enduring hard work and service to the Department!

BCBP Award Selection Committee Members: Gabrielle Dardis, graduate student representative; Kanishk Jain, postdoctoral fellow representative; Beverly Errede, faculty representative.