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Congratulations to the Dohlman lab for their paper highlights in both Science & Science Signaling. Dr. Henrik Dohlman is Professor and Vice-Chair of Biochemistry and Biophysics, and a joint Professor of Pharmacology.

Henrik Dohlman, PhD

The most recent paper titled The Crystal Structure of a Self-Activating G Protein α Subunit Reveals Its Distinct Mechanism of Signal Initiation” was published in the February 8, 2011 issue of Science Signaling (Janice Jones, postdoctoral fellow in the Dohlman lab was the lead author). It was then highlighted in Science as the Science’s Editor’s Choice under Cell Signaling: Receptor-Free Signaling” in the February 25, 2011 issue.

The second paper, Systematic analysis of essential genes reveals important regulators of G protein signaling” was published in Molecular Cell in the June 11, 2010 issue (Steven Cappell, graduate student in the Dohlman lab was lead author). It was then highlighted in Science Signaling as the Science Signaling’s Editor’s Choice: G Protein Signaling Is Not a Done Deal in the June 29, 2010 issue.

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