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Kathryn Gunn PhD new PIBiochemistry and Biophysics is happy to share the exciting news that one of our postdoctoral fellows, Dr. Kathryn Gunn, will be leaving UNC to start her own research lab at Stony Brook University in the department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Dr. Gunn’s research lab will focus on the spatiotemporal regulation of metabolic enzymes.

She will continue to build on her postdoctoral work on lipoprotein lipase by studying pancreatic lipase, as well as other pancreatic enzymes. Dr. Gunn will be missed in the department, where she was an active member of the Graduate Education Committee and the Postdoctoral Committee. In honor of her contributions, she was awarded the inaugural postdoctoral scholar award from the department. We’re excited to follow her future successes! Please check out her new lab webpage:

Text Gunn lab with images of cells