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Megan DeMarco
Meg DeMarco

Meg DeMarco was promoted to the Assistant Director for Student Employment Programs in the Office of Scholarship and Student Aid at UNC-CH. Meg will transition beginning Monday February 22.

Meg said in an email to our department, “I started as a Pre-Award manager with our team in 2017. This was not only my first full-time professional career, but my first-time work for a University. Over the last four years I have had the opportunity to work in many departments across our campus but having Biochem as my home department was a dream come true. Lynn and our admin staff made work feel like a home away from home. The faculty and staff always treated me with respect as I navigated the wide horizon of grants. I truly learned so much during my time spent here and am very grateful with my time spent working with so many of you. I started my journey to obtain my MPH in Leadership from Gillings in 2019. Graduating this May, I am looking forward to my next position in the Office of Student Aid and Scholarships. I hope I can make an impact in our University through financial equity. Part of my role will be overseeing the work study programs for undergraduate students, so I hope to see all of you in passing. Thank you for the well wishes as I start this next chapter.”

“We will continue to work with the School of Medicine Service center for our pre-award specialist.  We have been assigned Candace Lubar, her email address is that will be working with Megan to transition beginning February 22, 2021.  We anticipate that the movement to a new pre-award employee will be seamless.  Candace will be assisting all members of the department, faculty, post docs, and students for proposal preparation of new, RPPR’s, Other Support Documents, etc. Congratulations Megan on your promotion and new career path! We will all miss Megan and her energy and wish her the best in her new position with the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid Office here at UNC. Please send her an email and congratulate her on her promotion and her new career path!” –Lynn Ray, Associate Chair for Admin. Research

“Congratulations Meg! Well deserved! We will miss you! Thanks for all your help.” –Wolfgang Bergmeier PhD, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

“We will miss you indeed!!!  Thank you for all of your wonderful help and service to the department!  Best of luck also in the new position.” –Brian Strahl PhD, Professor and Interim Chair