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In this August 2021 series, the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics is highlighting various organizations around campus that students and postdocs can participate in.

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Science Writing and Communications club (SWAC) was formed to foster the intellectual and professional development of aspiring science writers and communicators at all levels of graduate and postdoctoral training. Our goal is to provide club members with career exposure, writing experience, and training opportunities in science writing and communication.

Members of SWAC work together as a club to publish science themed articles on our blog, The Pipettepen, and post-graduate school career articles on the TIBBS Career Blog. Additionally, we host a Seminar Series each spring with invited experts in various areas of science writing and communication.

Gabrielle Dardis

Contact: Gabrielle Dardis, Vice President and Chief Editor of SWAC

at for more information.

Gabrielle Dardis is a 5th year BCBP PhD Candidate studying cancer cell inflammatory and epigenetic signaling in the Baldwin Lab, and enjoys editing articles and using social media for science communication.


Do you believe that effective communication is the key to scientific advancements? Do you want to develop the writing, editing, and public speaking skills necessary for a career in science? Please note: Writing, editing, and illustrating positions do not require previous experience! Attend the SWAC interest meeting: SWAC Orientation 2, Marsico 7002 on August 26, 2021 from 2:30 pm to 3:30pm

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The Pipettepen SWAC Twitter: @UNC_SWAC

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