photo of Pengda Liu PhD
Pengda Liu PhD

Liu lab received a NCI R01 grant to investigate novel function of cGAS in modulating breast cancer pathology. This five year grant will enable Liu lab to continue their current journey in investigation roles of innate immunity signaling in cancer.

Project Title: Elucidating novel functions of cGAS in breast cancer

NIH awarded a grant in the amount of $355,706.

The Liu lab focuses on advancing the understanding of deregulated signaling events in contributing to tumorigenesis. The lab is interested in elucidating cancer specific regulatory mechanisms governing mTOR/Akt and cGAS/STING signaling, with goals to identify new drug targets and therapeutic directions.

This awarded R01 will facilitate Liu lab investigations to further elucidate a special nuclear function of cGAS and validate in patient cohorts if it can be used as a new biomarker for diagnosis.

Pengda Liu lab