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This past Sunday, the students of the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics PhD program embarked on a memorable adventure at Page Farms, a cherished fourth-generation family farm. The fall social event, organized by our dedicated student leaders, Tomiris Mulikova and Nate Smyers, brought together our academic community for a day filled with fun, laughter, and the spirit of the season. 

The event offered an incredible opportunity for our students to unwind and bond with their peers. As they arrived at Page Farms, they were greeted with free admission tickets, each of which included a complimentary pumpkin handpicked from the bountiful pumpkin patch. The day was packed with excitement, offering a range of activities to choose from. 

BP student group photo at the pumpkin patch 10-2023

Corn Maze: One of the highlights of the day was exploring the intricate 5-acre corn maze. Students navigated the maze’s twists and turns, and many even engaged in friendly races down the exhilarating slides on the mulch mountain. 

Hayrides: For a more relaxed experience, students hopped onto the hayride, which took them on a scenic journey around the farm, culminating in a visit to the charming pumpkin patch. This was the perfect opportunity to select their favorite pumpkins. 

There was a Farm Store on the premises. Here, our students had the chance to shop for locally handmade crafts, crafted by members of our own staff. The store featured a wide variety of jams, jellies, ciders, vinaigrettes, and even local raw honey sourced from the bees on the farm itself. 

Our Molecular and Cellular Biophysics PhD program at Page Farms was a celebration of community, the autumn season, and the camaraderie of our academic family. It’s these moments of shared joy and relaxation that remind us of the importance of balancing hard work and play in the pursuit of knowledge. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our student leaders, Tomiris Mulikova and Nate Smyers, for orchestrating this wonderful day at Page Farms. Their dedication and hard work ensured that our program’s fall social was a resounding success. 

For more information about Page Farms and their offerings, you can visit their website at