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Luna's student event with 21 people sitting outside on May 28, 2021

On May 28, 2021 our second year incoming students were welcomed to an social outing with empanadas at Luna’s Rotisserie in Carrboro.

Our new Biochemistry and Biophysics students are:

Jocelyn Alvarado, Cell biology and physiology student in Campbell Lab.
Uriel Jean-Baptiste, Biophysics student in Neher lab.
Derek Bolhuis, Biophysics student in Brown, and Emanuele labs.
Sierra Cole, Biochemistry student in Gladfelter lab.
Kacey Davis, Biochemistry student in Redinbo lab.
James (Ike) Emerson, Biochemistry student in Conlon lab.
Mark Kowalewski, Biophysics student in Redinbo lab.
Nick Randolph, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology student in Kuhlman Lab.
David Rocco, Cell biology and physiology student in Bergmeier Lab.
Darex Vera-Rodriguez, Biophysics student in Lee lab.

We had 21 people in attendance who enjoyed the empanadas and happy hour. This was a great start for our BCBP students to kick off our summer!

Special thanks to our BCBP Social Chairs, Amelia and Gage, and Holly Shepherd our Student Services Manager.