We rank 4th nationally in NIH funding in 2018!

Photo of a building on UNC campus

We received over $19.2 million in funding from NIH. We rank 4th among all Biochemistry departments & the 2nd highest among public institutions.

Carter’s work on the origins of life featured on Scipod episode

photo of Charlie Carter PhD Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at UNC

Dr. Carter has been working to unravel some of the biggest mysteries of molecular evolution — that is, how exactly did life on Earth as we know it rise from the primordial, chemical-laden soup four billion years ago. In particular, he investigates how information flows from genes to proteins found in living organisms via genetic coding.

Eron, Kuhlman named Smithies Investigators

photo of Joe Eron MD and Brian Kuhlman PhD

The UNC School of Medicine selected professors from the departments of medicine and biochemistry & biophysics for the annual award in honor of the late Oliver Smithies, UNC’s first Nobel Prize winner.

Brian Kuhlman, Ph.D., Protein Robotics: Making Science Fun while Improving Human Health

Brian Kuhlman PhD professor of UNC biochemistry and biophysics

Brian Kuhlman, Ph.D., is the dynamic co-developer of the popular molecular modeling software Rosetta. His laboratory in the Biochemistry and Biophysics Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is creating new methods in Rosetta for designing proteins with novel shapes and functions.

Kuhlman wins DeLano Award for computer applications to enhance research

Brian Kuhlman, PhD

The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology issued 12 awards to top scientists, including Brian Kuhlman, PhD, professor of biochemistry and biophysics.

Stephan Kudlacek First Authored Paper in JBC on Zika research

photo of Stephan Kudlacek graduate student of Kuhlman lab UNC

The UNC School of Medicine labs of Brian Kuhlman, PhD, and Aravinda de Silva, PhD, found that key components of a potentially potent vaccine fall apart due to body temperature, leaving us susceptible to severe infection.

Alumni Seth Zimmerman Awarded 2017 JCS Prize

photo of Seth Zimmerman alumni Kuhlman lab

The winner of the 2017 Journal of Cell Science (JCS) Pr … Continued

An Epigenetic First: researchers pinpoint protein’s role in key biological process

Joe Harrison, PhD

UNC researchers help piece together how the key players in DNA methylation work together during gene regulation, a key finding needed to develop better therapies.