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Zhichuan Zhu

6 months ago

Researchers publish in Advanced Science: Innate immunity-independent STING function is identified as a vulnerability in kidney cancer

First author postdoc Zhichuan Zhu PhD, Liu lab, Jean Cook, and collaborators publish in Advanced Science available online Nov. 29, 2022 "STING Suppresses Mitochondrial VDAC2 to Govern RCC Growth Independent of Innate Immunity." STING was identified in 2008 as a critical innate immune sensor to antagonize viral/bacterial infection. Inactivation of STING especially by epigenetic silencing has been shown to facilitate tumor progression. Efforts from various UNC and BCBP labs have recently identified an innate immunity-independent function of STING in kidney cancer that can be explored as a potential therapeutic target in treating kidney cancer...

Jun Wang PhD in G Wang lab

7 months ago

postdoc Jun Wang first co-author publishes in Nature Genetics “Histone H3 proline 16 hydroxylation regulates mammalian gene expression”

This publication is the result of collaboration with many researchers from UNC Biochemistry and Biophysics, Lineberger, University of Texas Southwestern, University of Edinburgh, Center for Epigenetics-Van Andel Institute, and Yale. First co-authors are Drs. Xijuan Liu and Jun Wang. Congratulations on your publication in Nature! Subjects: Breast cancer, Epigenetics, Gene Expression.