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Marsico Hall

The Small Animal Imaging Facility is located in Marsico Hall, suite SB210 in the sub-basement. Marsico Hall is the home to most of our imaging modalities, including 9.4T MRI, PET, SPECT, CT, ultrasound, DEXA and optical imaging system. Directions to Marsico Hall can be found here.

Genetic Medicine Building

Genetic Medicine Building

The Small Animal Imaging facility also has a satellite imaging lab located in the Genetic Medicine Building (GMB), upper basement level, room UB61. The lab houses one optical (IVIS-Lumina) and one ultrasound (Visual Sonics Vevo2100) imaging system. This satellite lab is within the GMB vivarium, allowing investigators to conduct imaging studies without transporting animals outside of the vivarium. Directions to the Genetic Medicine Building can be found here.


Visitor parking is available at the Dogwood Parking Deck which is accessible from Mason Farm Rd, and East Drive, see the campus map below.

Campus Map


Small Animal Imaging Facility


SAI Facility Director:  Hong Yuan, PhD


SAI Facility Lab Manager:  Jon Frank, MS


Small Animal MRI Director:  Yen-Yu Ian Shih, PhD

Cyclotron Director:  Zibo Li, PhD