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In addition to our imaging systems, we have many other facility resources that may be utilized for your studies:

  • Onsite DLAM vivarium for animal housing before and after imaging studies, including housing of radioactive and BSL2 rodents
  • Animal surgery room
    • Surgical microscope
    • Stereotaxic frame
  • Multiple isoflurane vaporizers for animal anesthesia
  • Animal monitoring systems (ECG, respiratory rate, capnomitry, pulse oximiter)
  • Temperature monitoring and feedback systems
  • Two cryostats
  • Autoradiography
  • PACS system for image communication
  • Radiochemistry Core under the direction of with advanced capabilities for producing radiopharmaceuticals
  • Small Animal MRI core under the direction of Dr. Ian Shih
  • Advanced analysis capabilities

Please contact for more information.