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Adding imaging to a preclinical study can be overwhelming but the SAI faculty and staff have broad expertise and experience to help seamlessly add it to your study.  Contact us at or to learn more about our imaging resources.

Study Design and Protocol Development:

Pre-study planning: SAI faculty and staff meet with all new users to discuss proposed studies and to better understand how imaging can be used to advance your research.  The SAI can also help with animal (IACUC and DCM) and safety (EHS) regulations associated with your imaging related research.  Once a plan of action has been determined the SAI is here to help implement that plan.

Data collection:

Pilot data:  Pilot data is an important part of research and the SAI is able to help collect the data and images necessary for grant submission.

Imaging studies:  Once a study protocol has been agreed upon the SAI facility has several modalities in which we can use to execute that protocol.

Multi-Modality imaging:  Multi-modality imaging can combine the anatomical and molecular to make imaging more powerful.

Data Processing/Analysis:

Data processing: Post processing is often needed to further analyze data.  The SAI facility has many resources at our disposal to obtain the data formats needed for analysis.

Data analysis:  An imaging study does not end with data collection.  Analysis of that data can be as complicated as it is important.  Depending on the type of analysis needed SAI faculty and staff can teach users to analyze their data or do the analysis as a service.

Image preparation and publication:

Image preparation:  Whether you are looking for the perfect publication image, an .stl file for 3D printing, or something to put in a poster we can help create what is needed.

Publication details:  The SAI facility will provide all necessary details and parameters related to services performed at the BRIC for publication.