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Date/Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 1/23/2023

Title:  Integrated Imaging from 1eV to 1MeV with Ultra-High Definition Optical Tomography, PET, SPECT, & X-ray CT

Speaker:  Frederik J Beekman, PhD.,  Professor, Biomedical Imaging at TU-Delft, Founder & CSO of MILabs

Seminar Flyer: Frederik Beekman Abstract and CV Q1 2023

Date/Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 1/23/2023

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Meeting ID: 878 9884 6130

Passcode: 451983

Abstract: In life science, we have dreamed about a 3D magnifying glass that would allow us to see a variety of tissue functions and structures in a single scan, and map integrated detailed dynamics for contrast agents, tracers, pharmaceuticals, receptors, and indicators of therapy response in organs and tumours. To meet these and many other imaging needs, we developed the user friendly fully integrated modular PET-SPECT-Optical-CT imaging platform (WMIC Innovation of the Year) comprising of 1) 0.12 mm SPECT & 0.6 mm PET resolution, PET with elimination of positron-range effects, concurrent sub-mm multi-tracer PET-PET and PET-SPECT, sub-second dynamic nuclear imaging capabilities, proprietary high energy SPECT enabling sub-mm resolution imaging of α & β-emitters such as 223Ra, 213Bi, 131I, 209At, 225Ac, 2) ultra-high resolution and low dose X-ray CT, and 3) high throughput Fluorescence/Bioluminescence imaging including quantitative optical tomography. This platform has been designed such that any combination of modalities can be provided, and more modalities can be added as field upgrades. In this presentation, this adaptive and versatile molecular and structural imaging platform will be explained along with many scientific applications contributed by hundreds of world-wide users.

The Webinar will provide some up-to-date imaging techniques. In particular, high resolution SPECT imaging will be discussed in detail. We welcome any users/labs join us next Monday. Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.