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NEW Imaging Technology – In-vivo Fluorescence Endomicroscopy 

Date: June 9th, 2021, Wednesday
Time: 2:00 -3:00 PM ET
Title: In-vivo Fluorescence Endomicroscopy
Speaker:  Mohammedayaz Rangrez, PhD,  Applicant Manager, OptiScan North America

Zoom Link:

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Abstract:  Histology is one of the most important tools in the armaments of a biologist. It can uncover the cellular mechanisms behind a disease, explain toxicity of a substance or show the effectiveness of a treatment. However, the method has not changed significantly in the last 250 years. Though standardized, this process is highly invasive and may induce severe artifacts. Fluorescence in vivo endomicroscopy (FIVE) is a virtual histology device that can capture real time, histology equivalent images, directly from a live animal, without sacrificing the tissue (Figure 1). FIVE is also referred to as “virtual biopsy” as one can look at living tissue architecture without performing physical biopsy. Additionally, this device can access organs and tissues in larger animals that do not fit on 2-photon microscope stage. This live zoom meeting will include theoretical discussion and practical demonstration of the FIVE-2 machine and its research applications. If you are working with animals, it may have great learning value for your research. Use the link above to join this zoom meeting.