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VisualSonics Vevo-2100

The BRIC is home to two state of the art Vevo-2100 ultrasound machines from Visualsonics Inc. which are located in Marsico Hall and the upper basement of the Genetic Medicine Building vivarium.  Users who want to use the Vevo-2100 system in GMB are required to have their animals housed in the GMB Vivarium. We offer several transducer options, and analysis and imaging packages to optimize your imaging study.

Main Imaging Features

  • Several imaging modes available
  • Multiple foci covering a larger field of view
  • 3D imaging
  • VevoCQ analysis software package for easy quantification
  • Ultrasound guided injection

Imaging Applications and Examples

  • Image guided injections
  • Microbubble enhanced perfusion imaging
  • Embryo measurement and screening
  • Tumor measurement
  • Cardiac function and output
  • Flow doppler measurements
  • 3-D volumetric imaging

Study Initiation, Training and Scheduling

The SAI offers training on our ultrasound imaging systems.  Please click on this link to learn more about requesting training for our systems.  Staff assisted imaging is also available for an additional fee.  Contact us at or call us at 919-966-2855 with any questions about your ultrasound study.  Optical imaging can be scheduled after training by SAI staff through iLab.  Please follow the instructions at the Schedule a Study link for more details or contact us at with questions.


The current internal rate for ultrasound imaging is $50/hr.  Imaging time is highly dependent upon the study protocol so please contact the SAI for budget information. You can also see our rates at this link.