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UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics Team

At the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, we aim for excellence in restoration and optimization of natural facial aesthetics. Our team strives to help patients look and feel their best using evidence-based facial aesthetic treatments. Our facial aesthetics care team works together to provide the best outcome possible for each facial aesthetics patient.

Our Director of Aesthetics, Nikki Hughes, works alongside our three facial plastic surgeons to develop personalized treatment plans for each patient to help accomplish their goals.

Why choose the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics?

During your consultation at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, we will discuss your goals for facial rejuvenation surgery. To achieve the best possible outcome, we may recommend that you see more than one provider at our center since each clinician has a specific area of expertise in the different facial treatments. While many facial aesthetic practices do not have multiple expert clinicians practicing together, at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, our team-based approach provides the highest level of expertise for each aspect of your aging face treatment.

Each patient presents a unique anatomic picture and requires a different set of tools for optimal, natural facial reanimation. Every patient’s treatment is customized to fit their unique condition and goals. We will work with you to help restore facial form and function.

If you would like to schedule a consultation at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, please call 984-974-2255 to make an appointment.