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Scars are a part of the body’s wound repair healing process after a sustained injury or disease. Scars vary in size, shape,Before and after scar revision color and texture. Several factors contribute to how a scar forms:

  • The cause of the scar: acne, burn, surgery, trauma, disease
  • The size and depth of the wound
  • The location of the wound on your body
  • Initial wound care and the treatment of the area while healing
  • Your genes, age, and skin color
  • Medications that can affect healing

Types of Scars

A flat scar will first appear pink to reddish in color and slightly raised. The scar first appears pink to reddish in color and slightly raised. It may also be itchy or painful.  As skin heals the scar will flatten. The scar coloring will either blend with the surrounding tissue or appear lighter or darker.

A hypertrophic scar is a thick raised scar. It’s an abnormal response to wound healing in which extra connective tissue forms within the original wound area. Some raised scars feel painful and may itch. Raised scars are most commonly found in taut skin areas on the body and, depending on the location, can impede movement.

 A depressed scar sits below the surface of the skin, giving a sunken look. Depressed scars can look more noticeable over time as our skin ages.

Another type of scar is a keloid scar. This scar is raised above the surface of the skin. Keloids become much larger than the initial wound and can appear long after the injury. Keloids may feel painful or itchy, and if formed formed over a joint, can also impede movement.

Scar revision before and after - UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics

Scar treatment at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics

At the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, we treat patients who wish to reduce the visibility of their scars. We treat traumatic scarring as well as scars caused by acne or surgery. We offer the following treatment options for scars:

If you would like to schedule a consultation for scar treatment at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, please call 984-974-2255 to make an appointment.