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Skin Defects from Skin Cancer & Mohs Surgery

When skin cancer is treated with excision or with tissue-sparing Mohs micrographic surgery, this results in a skin defect. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons are specially trained in repairing skin cancer defects that are near the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, and ears. These are all areas of the face where a small loss of tissue can have an immense impact on a patient’s day-to-day function and facial appearance. Repair of facial defects requires extra attention, consideration, and a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy to preserve and restore facial aesthetics.

Every skin defect is different, and may vary in size, location, and depth. Depending on the skin defect, closure options may include straight line closure (primary closure), movement of nearby tissue to fill in the defect (local flap), or harvest of skin to resurface the skin defect (skin graft). Occasionally, tissue slightly farther away may be used. For example, a larger nasal defect may require the use of forehead tissue. Skin color and texture match, as well as careful incision planning in naturally-occurring skin creases is of utmost importance.

Results after lip reconstruction at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics

Skin Cancer Reconstruction & Mohs Reconstruction at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics

Your facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon will discuss their recommendations and options with you for a truly tailored and personalized reconstructive plan. While no excision can be made without leaving a scar, the facial plastic and reconstructive surgery team at the Center for Facial Aesthetics at the University of North Carolina are dedicated to optimization of scar through tools such as laser or dermabrasion if indicated.

If you would like to schedule a consultation at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, please call 984-974-2255 to make an appointment.

Results of lip reconstruction after cancer surgery - UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics
Lip reconstruction before and after at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics