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Scars not only distract from facial features, but they can also be signs of past traumatic experiences. At the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, we understand this and use a team-based approach to minimize the appearance of your scars. In many cases, non-surgical treatments such as laser resurfacing can improve the appearance of scars. Sometimes, though, a small surgery will be needed to optimize the appearance of scars.

While trauma and surgeries always result in scars, certain scars are more noticeable than others. Reasons a scar may be more noticeable include:

  • Scar hypertrophy: thickened scars that are noticeable due to their size and can sometimes be painful.
  • Keloids: larger than hypertrophic scars, keloids extend beyond the borders of the original wound. Not only can they distract from facial aesthetics, but they are often painful and/or itchy.
  • Discoloration: scars can be hypopigmented (lighter) or hyperpigmented (darker) than surrounding skin making them more noticeable.
  • Elevated/depressed: if scars sit below or above the surrounding skin, they will be more noticeable.
  • Orientation: Ideally, a scar is in the direction of the natural lines of the face. Scars that are not in this orientation are often more noticeable and can distract from facial aesthetics.

Scar Revision at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics

Scar revision surgery can reorient the direction of scars, revise discolored scars and those with a depressed or elevated contour, and remove hypertrophic scars and keloids. Scar revision surgery can often be done in the clinic, minimizing recovery time for patients. During your consultation at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, your provider will evaluate your scar(s) as well as your skin type and overall health. Your provider will discuss your goals with you to create a personalized treatment plan with these goals in mind.

Scar Revision Before and After

Scar revision surgery - before and after

Scar revision before and after - UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics

Before and after images for scar revision

Scar revision before and after - UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics


If you would like to make a scar revision consultation visit at the UNC Center for Facial Aesthetics, please call 984-974-2255.