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Clinical Endocrinologist Co-director of the UNC Pituitary Center Professor of Neurosurgery & Medicine


New Patients/Referrals: 984-974-4175

Dr. Atil Kargi is a clinical endocrinologist specializing in diseases of the pituitary gland including pituitary tumors, hypopituitarism, Cushing’s disease, Acromegaly, Prolactinoma, Adult Growth Hormone deficiency, and diabetes insipidus. He is the Co-Director of the UNC Pituitary Tumor Center and a Professor of Neurosurgery and Medicine.

Dr. Kargi’s focus is neuroendocrinology, which involves studying the interface between the brain and the various hormones that affect many aspects of a person’s health. Dr. Kargi enjoys the challenge and complexity that comes with treating patients with pituitary diseases. Dr. Kargi also enjoys working with the physicians that make up the multidisciplinary UNC Pituitary Tumor Center to develop the right treatment for each individual patient.

Dr. Kargi’s research interests focus on better understanding the biology of the pituitary gland and its hormones. He is also interested in improving diagnostic methods and medical therapies for patients with pituitary disorders. He looks forward to growing the department’s outcomes research and clinical trials programs. He plans to collaborate with other researchers at the UNC Medical Center to design and conduct research regarding the complex molecular biology that causes pituitary tumors to occur and grow. The ultimate goal of his molecular and genetic studies would be to develop new targets for pituitary tumor treatment.

Pituitary tumors, hypopituitarism, Cushing’s disease, Acromegaly, Prolactinoma, Adult Growth Hormone deficiency, diabetes insipidus

Clinical Endocrinologist
Professor of Neurosurgery and Medicine
Co-director of Pituitary Center in Department of Neurosurgery

Fellowship – Endocrinology Metabolism and Nutrition, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2005-2008
Residency – Internal Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA , 2002-2005
Internship – Internal Medicine, University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 2001-2002
Doctorate of Medicine (M.D) – Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey, 1994-2000

Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism – Board Certified, 2008

For a complete list of recent publications, please visit Dr. Atil Kargi’s PubMed listing.