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Creating New Knowledge to Improve Care

Neurosurgery ResearchThe Department of Neurosurgery is proud to partner with leading researchers throughout the UNC Chapel Hill campus and with research partners around the state and around the country. The department sits within the remarkably rich research environment which is UNC Chapel Hill. Last year more than $400 million in NIH funding came to the Chapel Hill campus to support research. UNC researcher Dr. Myron S. Cohen was principal author of Science Magazine’s Breakthrough of the Year 2011 on evolving treatment of HIV, and UNC remains home of 2007 Nobel Laureate for Medicine, Oliver Smithies, and 2015 Nobel Laureate for Chemistry, Aziz Sancar. This is truly an outstanding place to conduct research.

The department is committed to participating in “team science” recognizing that significant advances in the future will likely come from multi-disciplinary teams. Members of our department partner with cancer researchers, imaging researchers, neuroscientists, clinical investigators and numerous partners to produce important new research findings. The goal of the department’s research efforts is to create new knowledge that helps us improve care for patients with neurosurgical conditions.