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Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

With the surgery behind and finally being home, my wife and I wanted to express our sincerest gratitude on behalf of the entire family. We couldn’t be happier seeing our daughter being happy again and on a strong path to recovery. You will always have a special place in our hearts. We know that your surgery schedule is extremely packed. We, therefore, appreciate even more that you made time on such short notice as well as assembled a world-class team. As parents, the last 6 weeks have been incredibly demanding to see one’s own child suffering. You and your team gave us the confidence, trust, and guidance. Finally, we wish you and your family a peaceful year-end and a fantastic 2020.

Dr. Oyesiku and staff,

Words can’t tell you how much we appreciate the kindness you showed to <patient> and I at your office.  The comfort you gave us was a blessing! <Patient> felt so much better after his visit. May God bless and keep you well.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I am eternally grateful for your kindness and amazing skill. <Family member> says thanks for bringing her <patient> back.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Two weeks ago you saved our daughter’s life. You operated on her after an aneurism and took out the clot. She is recovering very well. We are praying for her full recovery. We are also praying that god will bless you in all that you do.

Hello Dr. Oyesiku,

Happy holidays to you and your family. Thanks again to you and your staff for taking great medical care of me in 2003. I feel terrific three months now following surgery and am just about ready to his the ski slopes this winter.; I appreciate your tranquil candor, confidence, honesty and steady hand throughout. See you in a year for my follow-up. Continued best wishes to you and yours.

Thanks for giving me the ability to be with my family this year. Lots of happiness.

Dear sir,

Thanks so much for taking time to care about my husband. You are a true hero to me. May God always bless you.

The Tumor

There was a male friend of mine who was diagnosed with a large brain tumor that had grown around his pituitary gland. His eyesight had been growing poorer and he was getting frequent headaches. When he saw the MRI of the tumor he thought, “This may be it for me! My own mortality is staring me it he face.” He had recently fallen in love with a beautiful girl and they had pledged to spend their lives together. It now looked as if that would be very short.

Before he went to the hospital for the operation, his girlfriend and he went to a nearby church and they both knelt down and prayed. He prayed that if God would spare his life, he would dedicate the rest of it to serving God and others.

After the operation and a miraculous and short recovery, the man returned to the church and thanked God for the gift of life he had received. Tears of pure joy rained down his cheeks all through the service and he felt God’s presence fill his heart.

True to his word, the man began to write a book. A book born of love and gratitude for the present he had received. He hoped that the words would help others, even in their darkest hours. The man now goes to church each Sunday and gives thanks. He is more involved in charity work and serving his fellow man.; His love for his girlfriend, who was by his side the entire time, grew deeper and deeper. He was truly happy for the first time in his life. He had learned that it did not matter what had happened “in the past” and that there was no fear in what lie ahead; only joy and bliss that comes from living in that moment.

This is the gift that God has for all of us. We have but only to unwrap it to find the glory within. Thank you again.

Dear Dr. O,

You requested that I let you know how I was doing.  Four months after you did my surgery in November 2013.  Sorry I am late!  Thank you!

This letter is telling you I have been PAIN FREE for four months.  I haven’t taken any medication since January 2004.  May God bless you.  Thank you so much.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the past year. Without your expertise there is no doubt in my mind my life would not be as wonderful as it is today. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. God bless you.

To a great doctor! Dear Doctor Oyesiku,

This is just a token of my appreciation for saving one of millions of lives. My daughter’s life is so precious to me. I’m so glad she has recovered well. Words nor gifts can express my gratitude. Thank you.

To Dr. Oyesiku

This is my love to you. I never forget you. I am doing just fine and God is all I need. Thank you!

To Dr. Nelson Oyesiku

I can never thank you enough for performing the surgery and restoring my good health.May God’s blessings be with you and your family always.

Because of your talent and care, <patient> is doing very well. Hope you have a wonderful holiday

There’s no nicer time than Christmas to remember special people like you. Thanks for all you did for me this year. Doing fine.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you so much for helping me in a time of great need and anxiety in my life. When I first discovered I had a pituitary tumor, I was at a loss as to where to turn. It was either providence or great luck, which led me to you. I was going to go to a specialist down in Miami, Florida. They told me that instead there was a great surgeon nearer to my home. They were right. Thank you for restoring my vision and my health.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for looking at my daughter’s CT-MRI. I truly appreciate your kindness.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you so much for your help and being SO nice to me.The procedure was painful, but well worth it, to be pain-free is wonderful. Again, thank you.

>Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I wanted to write to tell you that I am doing well. I have returned to nursing, now working with oncology patients. Thank you for getting me where I am today. Since I trust you and your judgment so very much, I am sending my most recent MRI films, for you to review.

In July 2001, I had a dizzy spell that lasted for three days, I could hardly walk. I went to the ER and my CT was normal. I noticed about a week later that my pupils were unequal. I have since had this confirmed by two opthamologists, both said it could a sign that my tumor might be growing back. There is no evidence of the tumor on the MRI according to my neurologist and the radiologist. I would feel better if you gave me the okay. Would you please review these films and let me know? If needed I can come to Atlanta. Currently one pupil is 4mm and the other is 4.5mm. Please let me know. Thank you.

Thank you for your help. May God be with you in all you do.

Dr. Oyesiku.

Just a note to express our deep appreciation for all that you have done for us! It began when the Lord sent you to save <patient’s> life (two years ago) and you have always been there for us to help in every way since that time. Truly you are a doctor who cares for his patients. Your surgical skills are coupled with your compassion and strong ethical values. Thank you for going through that grueling deposition for us recently. With much gratitude and love.

To Dr. Oyesiku and staff

We want to thank each and every one who worked so hard on our daughter. You all gave her your very best right up until the end. Our deepest thanks to you ALL!

Just a moment of your time to offer thanks for the recommendation and initiative in getting a meeting with Dr. Oyesiku. My MVD surgery was performed on August 1. The surgery was a success and results and professionalism Dr. Oyesiku exhibited was above expectations.

Likewise the facilities and staff provided a comfortable setting. I can’t say enough in regards to Dr. O’s concern and bedside manner. He is definitely an asset to the Emory family. I would choose your facilities again and recommendations to others in the office as to how pleased I am with your services has resulted in new patient opportunities.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for reviewing <patient’s> MRI. It was comforting to have a supporting opinion at that point. The surgery was in February, 1999. The growth was in fact a craniopharyngioma and the surgical team feel positive they got it all. An MRI in six months will hopefully confirm this. The growth had to be cut from the optic nerve interrupting the blood flow to the nerves. There is practically no sight from the right eye and temporal side of the left eye. She does have ambulatory vision from the nasal side of the left eye. There is also an opportunity for improvement over the next few months.

Again, thank you for being there. We appreciate your help.

One year removed from c-spine surgery and doing well. Just wanted to thank you and your staff for being so helpful. Have a blessed year. Thanks!

Thank you, for taking the time to explain things to me and I hope that you would allow me the privilege of returning occasionally.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you so much for the wonderful service and care you gave me during my procedure. I am sure this will be the last “radiosurgery” for me. We got it all this time. God bless always.

Dr. Oyesiku,

We thank you for giving <patient> a new life. He is doing things he hasn’t done in years. Not only is his flexibility restored, he is thinking quickly and clearly. A zest for life.; We, as a family rejoice and praise God for his recovery. God bless you in your life and work as you help your patients increase their quality of life.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku & Staff,

Just writing to say THANK YOU for the exceptional treatment and encouragement that you have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for the marvelous surgery on my pituitary gland, which you performed on me August 13. I got along so well – I’ve had no problems – I’m recuperating well. You are a tremendous surgeon with a presence, an auro of strength and kindness about you, and this translates to your patient.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Please accept my most sincere gratitude and thanks for all that your staff and you did for me last weekend. Additional thanks are due for operating on Saturday. These thanks come from my entire family, including wife and three children. My recovery is going well and I am starting to get “cabin fever,” a good sign I believe. I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the follow-up visit.

Dr. Oyesiku,

I just want to take a moment to thank you once again for the excellent surgery you performed on my lower back at the end of August 2000. As you may recall, I was very concerned about the possibility that I may not be able to continue with long distance running and competing in marathons due to my back injury and the subsequent surgery that was necessary.

However this afternoon, I completed the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon in a very good time; and I have absolutely no problems with my lower back, no back pain and no sciatic pain in my right leg. And this is how it has been during the last several months as I have trained long and hard for this marathon race, building up slowly as you had advised.

I know from talking with others that have had similar surgery, that not everyone has such good positive outcomes, and so I want to express to you my appreciation for your excellent surgery. I never imagined, when you told me that there was a good chance I could return to running again if the surgery went well, that the recovery would be this complete or this fast. Thank you so much.

Dr. Nelson Oyesiku,

Thank you for performing my surgery under the teaching fund. You did an excellent job. I feel fine. May God continue to bless you.

Thank you, good doctor, for <patient’s> surgery and recovery! I’ll keep you and your family in our prayers always!

Dr. Oyesiku,

We would like to sincerely thank you for all of your efforts in caring for our <patient>. May all the kindness you’ve shown be returned to you.

Dr. O,

My many thanks for the EXCELLENT surgery and care provided by you and your staff. Three years of headaches gone – is like a new lease on life. God bless all of you!

Thank you so much and cannot describe in words the true feelings of our heart. Please know that you have changed my life forever for the better and allowed me to once again live normally and work and enjoy leisure time.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

This is a short note to thank you. One year ago today you and Dr. Barrow removed a tumor from my spine. The tumor was malignant but because of God, your skills and the skills of Dr. Barrow, Dr. Crocker, and Dr. Gilbert I am healthy and enjoying life today.

You may not recall, but you were the first doctor I saw at Emory. The day before I had been in Baltimore actually working as a consultant at a local hospital where they had performed an MRI and found the tumor. I was terribly afraid that day. You were very kind and sensitive, a “real human being.” I also remember that on the day of the operation when I had been wheeled into the operating room, there were people getting the room ready. A couple of “interns” were next to me checking the microscope. Since it was my first operation I was really afraid. I started to worry that the interns were going to operate on me, which seemed like a terribly bad idea at the time. You walked in and said hello and I remember relaxing and then nothing else. It is funny what you remember.

During the last year I have shared with friend an old and familiar parable called “Footprints:”

One night a man had a bad dream, and I his dream he reviewed the footsteps he had taken in his life. He looked and noticed that all over that mountains and difficult places that he had traveled there was one set of footprints; but over the plains and down the hills, there were two sets of footprints, as if someone had walked by his side. He turned to Christ and said, “There is something I don’t understand. Why is it that down the hills and over the smooth and easy places you have walked by my side; but, here over the tough and difficult places I have walked alone, for I see in those areas there is just one set of footprints?” Christ turned to the man and said, “It is that while your life was easy I walked along your side; but here where the walking was hard and the paths were difficult was the time you needed Me the most, and that is why I carried you.”

I know in the last that Christ has carried me. I also believe that he has done this through the kindness of my family, my friends and through the care you gave me as a doctor.


From our home to your home
One year has passed for my new life.
I thank God for every day for his
Divine Love.
I also thank him for sending me such
A wonderful surgeon.
God and his live for US.
Thank you for caring enough to check
on me during your vacation.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I cannot describe the gratefulness and thankfulness that we feel for all that you have done for us. I know it was a lot of extra time and trouble for you to do my surgery and all the follow-up; especially in the case of me being an indigent care situation and you donating your loving, caring service.

My heart is very full with gratitude that God blessed me enough to be treated by such a wonderful physician and nurse. You have given me hope and happiness and a chance to live my life now feeling so much better. You allowed us also to really experience marriage, which we could not do before due to my sickness.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I wanted to take a moment and write a letter of appreciation to you and your staff. I had a pituitary prolactinoma removed in December of 2006. I have been doing great since then. As you see I am graduating this month. I have already been accepted into a major university, and I am looking forward to all that my future holds for me. I no longer have to worry about medications side affects, or constant doctor visits, and for this I want to thank you. You are an angel and I was truly blessed to have had you as my doctor! I love you!

Hi Dr. Oyesiku,

I pray that all is very well today. I just had to share the good news with you…..I just got my cycle! First time in seven years! How EXCITING!; I thank God. And I thank God for having you as my surgeon to help correct my pituitary disorder. It has been wonderful to have you on my wellness journey. Have a great day and thanks again!

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I had a visit scheduled with you for August 1 when I received a notice from your staff assistant that you had to change the date to August 28 at 2:15 pm. Due to comment made earlier, I will be unable, as much as I would like to, visit you on August 28. Therefore, I am inclosing two CDs of my MRIs done in 2006 and this year. You may return these to me after you have viewed them. Also attached is a copy of your letter stating that you wanted to see me this year. Of course, after viewing the enclosed, if you would like me to visit you, I will most certainly comply.

To recap: you removed a meninginoma in January 1999 for which I will be eternally grateful. You saved my life! I have had yearly visits or transmitted results of my MRI done here in my hometown. ;Again, my deep appreciation for your most wonderful care.

Dr. Oyesiku,

You will never know how much your personal attention, obvious concern and remarkable professional skill meant to my friend. I was on my way to Germany for a board meeting when I called <patient> and when I returned today everything had been taken care of. You could not have been more helpful. In talking about this experience, <patient> and family were all most complimentary of you and your skills. I’m anxious to know you.Thanks again for what you did for <patient> and for so many.

Dear Nelson,

Thank you so much for caring for my friend when she had endoscopic pituitary surgery last week. She sound great by phone, says she can’t bend over for a while – no weeding the garden. I was so shocked to hear that she needed the surgery, but relieved to know that you were doing it. I moved from Americans here a couple of years ago to practice with some old friends. Come visit when you are down this way. Thanks!

To Dr. Nelson Oyesiku

I have just learned of your generosity in treating <patient>. It was a relief to know that <patient’s> surgery would be performed by doctors at Emory, where he will get the very best of care. But to have the best surgeons without charge is unexpected and deeply appreciated by everyone involved.

Rosalynn joins me in sending our thanks and warm best wishes.


Jimmy Carter

Dear Dr. Oyesiku:

I am pleased to join President Carter in expressing The Atlanta Project’s gratitude for your significant contribution to <patient’s> recent surgery.

The Atlanta Project strives to make life better for those less fortunate, and your support of <patient> in this special way is reflective of the caring spirit of those who live and work within The Atlanta Project area.

I join President and Mrs. Carter, <patient’s> family and friends, and the entire Atlanta Project family in sending to you our heartfelt thanks and warm best wishes.

PS: I am enclosing our recent newsletter which features a story about the ski trip which <patient> was a participant, as well as other articles which give insight into our ongoing efforts.

To: Dr. Nelson Oyesiku, The World’s Greatest Neurosurgeon

<Patient’s> family wish thank you for the excellent care you gave him during surgery and stay at Emory Hospital. We thank God for you and your willingness to share your gifts and abilities to help others have a healthier life. May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

To Dr. Oyesiku,

I will never forget you and the Lord I am so glad I am not hurting now. Thank you so much. With love always.

Words cannot begin to describe how grateful <patient> and I are for your help.

The news that <patient> had a tumor in his head was shock. Because it was such a large tumor the doctors here were quite concerned and we were petrified. We knew we had to go where we could have the best equipment and the best hands and all of our doctor friends recommended Emory.

If we had had to handle that connection on our own, we would have had to wait an agonizing two weeks at least. We can never thank you enough for getting us into Emory so quickly and for setting us up with Dr. Oyesiku and his assistant Anna Budd.

We were so happy with our entire experience at Emory. As soon as we spoke to Anna Budd, who was extremely helpful, we jumped in the car and sped up to Atlanta. As we were checking in at Admissions late Friday afternoon, Dr. Oyesiku came in to find us. He sat down with us right there in the waiting room, looked at <patient’s> MRI films and calmly, confidently explained that the tumor was benign and told us how h was going to remove it. We walked in that door thinking the absolute worst and after ten minutes with Dr. Oyesiku we were very much relieved. After the surgery the next morning he came up to our room, sat down with us and explained everything. He answered all of our questions and gave us all the time we needed with him. We knew going up there that he was the expert in pituitary tumors and that was a superb doctor. We didn’t know until then that he is a truly exemplary human being and we are so grateful for that as his surgical skills. It was such a scary time.

Everyone else was good to us too. The staff on the Rollins Pavillion floor – the nurses, chiefs – were attentive, helpful and professional. The medical students and residents we saw were all kind, confident and very informative. We received thorough and timely attention whenever we needed it the whole time we were there.

We are extremely thankful to you for making it all happen and causing it to happen so quickly. We would have had a very time waiting.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku and staff,

Just writing to say THANK YOU for the exceptional treatment and encouragement that you have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for the marvelous surgery on my pituitary gland, which you performed on me August 13. I got along sow ell – I’ve had no problems – I’m recuperating well.

You are a tremendous surgeon with a presence, an aura of strength and kindness about you, and this translates to your patient and gives ones a feeling of self-confidence. My entire family was so impressed with you – your concern, your kindness, your great ability.

My entire experience at Emory was a GOOD ONE. Everyone I came in contact with, everything I went through I feel as though they cared about me and wanted to keep me well. And I did LOVE The Rollins Pavilion. We’ll see you in a few weeks.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for the part you played in the Gamme Knife ration to <patient’s> head. Unfortunately the cancer was so aggressive that we lost <patient> on Saturday, February 28. Our family wishes to express its gratitude to you for your part in <patient’s> medical care.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku and Staff:

I am writing to say thank you so much for the successful surgery in the removal of the Pituitary tumor from my brain. I am so thankful that up to now there have been NO complications. I am so thankful that I had a very experienced and competent and brilliant surgeon and staff who were the overseers of my care. Everywhere I go and share the private information with people, some who knew me before and some who did not, they all say the same thing; you don’t look like it and a miracle has happened. Even my students are amazed and in disbelief. This is my testimony.  I’m sticking with it. Dr. O., I have given your name to others who may need neurosurgery. Thank God for you. All blessings to you for continued success in your surgical practice.

Dear Emory Friend,

Well, we find ourselves coming upon another Christmas season and a New Year. As I stated in my last Christmas Greetings, I can only imagine being a great medical professional requires various special personal qualities. Special personal qualities such as dedication, commitment and a good manager of stress are found among all great medical professionals. In relation, being a good patient of a great medical professional requires special personal qualities required by good patients too. In summary, “All good patients can easily be a direct representation of a good medical professional’s dedication, commitment and stress management capabilities. I am a patient of yours at Emory. This December marks my third anniversary for my first of four surgeries to remove my tumor. After my surgeries and radiation treatments, I found myself looking upon my future. Above all, I knew that I was “Blessed” and was just required to follow my new dream. My dream was to offer help to myself and others who shares my visual impairment disability. Amazingly, my dream has come true. I am now a Vocational Rehab Instructor for the visual impaired. I have received training this year for the position. As you can witness the visual impaired can use the computer. I always give honor to GOD for his sending his blessings. I consider you as one of his blessings. I pray that I will become a blessing for others as you were for me. I would like to say “Thanks for your dedication, commitment, and stress management capabilities shown during my care.” I pray that I will provide the same dedication, commitment, and stress management capabilities to my students. I will continue to pray for you as I ask that you do the same for me.

Dr. Nelson Oyesiku;

In just four days it will be a year since my surgery. I just want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for following the dream you had as a child to help people, as you watched Dr. Ben Casey on the television. Thank you for being the BEST in your field. Thank you for following and answering GODS call on your life. My tumor was one that was inside the pituitary gland and GOD helped you remove it completely. I am doing EXCELLENT, no problems in any way. I truly believe it was GODS plan for you to be my surgeon, Thank You. My wife and I have donated 50 bibles in your name, through the Gideons International, with hope and prayer that MANY more come to know LORD through the reading of these bibles. May GOD continue to bless you and your family, especially at this time of year.

Dr. Nelson Oyesiku,

May all of the blessings of the season be yours, and may the New Year bring all of your wishes and dreams true…

I also wish for your days to be filled with light, laughter, love, joy, GOOD HEALTH, peace-of-mind, prosperity and cheer! This “note” is long over due, as to tell you how very grateful I am to have met you, and chosen for your “skilled and caring” hands to help me and remove my pituitary tumor, and deal with normal issues this time around. Your heart is warm, care is impeccable, and I know it has taken longer than normal but I will heed your advice and look forward to a fulfilling, healthy life from here on out. YOUR WORDS ARE ENCOURAGING AND POWERFUL! Thank you, Dr. Oyesiku, you are one in a million, and I am thankful to be under your care.

March 27, 2009

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

As part of our ongoing efforts to build relationships with our grateful patients, the Hospitals Development Office recently sent a letter to a select group of EUH and EUHM patients to thank them for choosing Emory for their medical care. In addition, we gave them the opportunity to celebrate Doctor’s Day on March 30 by making a gift to EUH or EUHM in honor of their physician.

As a symbol of their high regard for you, your patient has made a gift to Emory University Hospital in your honor. Please find enclosed their personal note of appreciation to you. Their gift will support the Emory University Hospital Excellence Fund. The Chief Operating Officer, Bob Bachman, will work closely with physicians to determine the most urgent needs for these funds.

As you know, in this time of tight resources, there are many ongoing needs at the Hospital. If you think there is an opportunity to reach out to other patients of yours who may have the capacity to make a significant gift to the Hospital, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

We sincerely thank you for your commitment to Emory Hospitals and the many patients you care for each day. Your dedication, expertise, and compassionate care have made a difference in the lives of countless patients and are the hallmark of the excellent care provided at Emory Hospitals.

Have a very happy Doctor’s Day.


Ellen H. Sacchi, CFRE
Senior Director of Development

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Just another brief moment of your time to thank you once again for your excellent care. You are a very impressive fellow both professionally and personally. I am most grateful to you.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Words cannot express our gratitude to you for taking such good care of our wife, sister and mother. You received us so well, you answered all our questions and made out so much time for us (despite the fact that we constituted a nuisance sometimes). We would always be grateful for your great surgical skills, your calm reassurance and all your encouragement. May God continue to bless you and yours.

To Dr. Oyesiku and Office Staff

Thank you for helping me feel better!!! May God keep guiding you as you help others. Thank you for the time you spent in my care and the time you took in explaining the procedure before the surgery date.

Dr. Oyesiku,

My son, <patient>, and I would like to thank you and Mr. Adams for the time you took to evaluate <patient>. He will be trying medication to relieve his tumor. If that treatment is unsuccessful he will be seeing you about surgery. Thank you again.

Dear Dr. Nelson Oyesiku,

I probably did not thank you enough for giving site back, my health and the chance of a normal and long life after the TSA surgery you performed on me. This is just another attempt to do so! Thank you again and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Dear Dr. Nelson Oyesiku,

I fully appreciate Dr. James H. Wood for sending me to you. Thank you for your exceptional medical and caring support, which helped me to be strong without any worries. Please give your staff thanks for being so helpful and courteous to me and my family.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Here we are today, with the talented team you have assembled. I want you to know that I appreciate your concern for me. When I met you in June, it was clear that your sincerity and love for your patients shone through your eyes. I’m a member of the team today, too, and I’ll do my best to be strong and positive. I have PRAYED for you and all of the team members in surgery with us. It will be a great day today and the results will in God’s Hands!

Dr. Oyesiku,

I thank God that you were willing and available to do the surgery on my pituitary gland for Cushing’s Disease.

While I still have approximately 12 months to deal with some of the side effects, I find comfort and hope in knowing that because of you, the surgery was successful. I am looking forward to the day when I look and feel like my old self. God Bless You!

Thank you for removing my brain tumor. This thanks is long over due. March 22, over due to be exact. As a doctor, you have my complete respect, but as a man you have my greatest respect because I know it is the man that makes the doctor, not the doctor making the man. God bless you always.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and expert care of me Wednesday. Your team of the “Miller Boys” and Dr Dribnick were so supportive and fun! I’ll see you in about 10 days for stitch removal. Thank you again for your terrific care.

Dr. Oyesiku,

I have made several somewhat feeble attempts since <patient’s> death to write to you to tell you how deeply grateful we are to you for all that you did for <patient> and our family during his battle with cancer. The two obstacles which have thwarted my attempts are (1) mere words seem grossly inadequate to express the depth of thanks that we feel and (2) the pain of losing my son has been (and still is) overwhelming at times.

I just wanted you to know how much <patient> though of you as a doctor, as a surgeon, as a man and as a partner in his fight. His confidence (and ours as parents) in you was at the highest level from the day we first met you seven and a half years ago. And we know now that that confidence was never misplaced or unfounded. I am convinced that God put you in <patient’s> life and that your skill, your expertise and your care as a surgeon gave us seven additional years with <patient>. And seven glorious years they were – seven years, which gave <patient? The opportunity to get married to the love of his life, to graduate from college, to father our two beautiful grandchildren and to come within six months of completing a graduate degree. How can I, how could I begin to thank you for such a gift?

Our gratitude goes much deeper than the appreciation expressed for your skill as a surgeon. The care, concern, compassion and friendship (if I may be so presumptuous) that you extended to <patient> and our family is truly a credit to you profession and to the human race. Your name is held in the highest regard in our family and “Dr. O” will always be a hero to us.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I just returned from several days in New York City visiting museums, seeing a few Broadway productions, and strolling through various ethnic neighborhoods. On more than one occasion, I though of you and your good work. Thank you for giving me back my wonderful quality of life.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your help with my pituitary tumor. Your kind concern, your skill in the operating room and your calm, straight forward answers to my questions gave me confidence and relieved my anxiety as I approached surgery. My family and I are very grateful to you.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I am so excited to have the tumors out and the blurred vision gone from my eyes. Even with the minor complications it was all worth it. I knew the day I met you I had made the right decision and I will always be grateful to you. I pray God will bless you many times over for all you do to help people with your gifts in medicine. Thank you once again for medicine. Thank you once again for choosing to take care of me.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you very much for your knowledge, experience and dedication. My family and I will never forget you and how you changed our lives for the better. You were the 18th doctor I saw on the way to a determination and cure for Cushings. You actually performed two surgeries on me and vowed after #1 to complete the job – and you did!

Congratulations on your award today – you deserve it!

To Dr. Nelson Oyesiku

I want o join with hundreds of others to offer congratulations and deep appreciation for your great contribution to the treatment of pituitary problems. I am “one of the 1776” pituitary surgeries and would like to add my personal THANK YOU.

I could not be present yesterday at Emory’s celebration as I was attending the wedding ceremony and extended festivities of my good friend’s son and his bride but my gratitude goes out to you in spirit.

Dr. O,

This thank you is long over due. I cannot express the words to say how much my family and I appreciate everything you have done for <patient>. Until someone watches their child hurt, beg and hit bottom the way I watched <patient> change for almost four long years, no one could understand what our family has gone through with Cushing Disease. When we found you and Dr. Ioachimescu, it was an answered prayer.

We were so nervous about <patient’s> surgery to have the tumor removed on July 13, 2011. You came in that morning so confident and reassuring, that it calmed me and <patient> down. We knew if you said everything would be ok it would be. Then twelve days later <patient> suffered a set back and bleed out, you were right there with her, and still comforting me. You watched over her like she was your own daughter. That kind of caring is what stands you out among other doctors.

When we came back and found she had tissue growth making her disease come back we were devastated. For the first time I broke down and cried because we had had enough. Then you spoke with us and I knew she would be alright, that you would get us through. We are now almost four months past her second surgery and working with Dr. Ioachimescu to get her back on track.

Dr. Ioachimescu is the best; she is straight-forward and doesn’t hold anything back. She actually cares and it shows. <Patient> and I love the fact she comes across as such a tough cookie, that’s why we drive four hours just to see her. I hope you and she stay together, you guys make a great team. And I for one love the fact that you both are working to help <patient>.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for helping my <patient>. If you all could see the person that I see in <patient>, you would see that you both have helped an amazing young lady and she is well worth more thanks than I could ever offer.

Good evening, Doctor.

Trusting you had a wonderful day. I just wanted to say thank you for all you and your team has done and continue to do for my wife. You have saved her life. You are an inspiration to me, doctor. Your achievements, the high level of respect everyone has for you, your intellect, etc. I am reaching out to you to be my mentor in assisting me to pursue a career in medicine. I have always admired myself being a urologist. I know it’s a weird request of me but observing you in the hospital over those many weeks has motivated me. I just need to achieve this dream. Also Dr. Oyesiku, please let me know when you can join me on the radio programs for a health and education program.

Dear Nelson,

Congratulations upon your achievements at Emory in the Neurosurgical Department. Your expertise has helped so many of our patients and they are truly grateful for your help.

I will be unable to attend the excellent meeting on September 27th. I remember Dr. Laws when I was an Endocrine fellow at Mayo – way back. You, like him, are gifted surgeons but also kind gentlemen. I wish you the best in life as you continue on your journey. We shall continue to support your excellent program.

Thank you again from all at The Jones Center.

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

In January I was faced with two unfortunate situations. I was diagnosed with acromegaly and the pipes broke and ruined my condo. It took six months before I could move back in. After I was diagnosed I researched it on the Internet and then wrapped myself in a blanket and curled up in a ball. I did not tell my family for two weeks. How could I speak to them when I did not know why future and at that time couldn’t even pronounce acromegaly.

From my very first appointment with you, I knew right away that I was going to be all right. I was very impressed with you, so professional, caring and intelligent. You took a longtime. I knew you would when I saw the couch. Answered all the questions and did it all with so much compassion. I wasn’t afraid anymore because I knew you were the “best.” I went into the surgery with a positive attitude and knew 100% everything was going to be all right. I am so grateful to you and Elizabeth Boyer, the LPA who was sharp enough to diagnose me. This is a story I will tell for a long time and will always mention both of your names.

Thanks to you my facial features have returned to normal and I am not going to wake up looking like Jay Leno. I won’t be able to buy shoes in a regular shoe store, but I now swim like a fish.

I wanted very much to attend your 1776 ceremony but I am having surgery for a hip replacement on September 24. This has been an interesting year and has given me something to talk about at cocktail parties.

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I am honored to be your patient.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Congratulations! I am not one bit surprised that you are being honored with the Gentle Giant Award. While dealing with Cushing’s Disease isn’t fun, I am happy that I am one of the 1,776 successful pituitary surgeries.

Dr. “O”

You didn’t have to take <patient> on as a patient. And that’s what makes it so special.

Thank you to all your staff and I wish I had a chance to also thank Gloria. She was the best. Again, thank you to your whole team.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Happy Holidays. You operated on me in 2003, I was an active duty soldier with 23 years in the Army. Thank you for my life. I give honor to God and thank him for you and the gift he has given you each day.

From our family, to your family and staff. Thank you so much.

Dr. Oyesiku,

I doubt you remember me, but I’ll always remember you. This week I’ll celebrate the one year anniversary of my Transsphenoidal Adenomectomy. It also happens to be Thanksgiving this week and I truly have much to be thankful for this year. My recovery from surgery and my progress in overcoming Cushing’s Disease has been remarkable.

I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your staff. I feel so fortunate to have had such an awesome surgeon and that you were able to perform my surgery last year. I can’t tell you how much my family and I appreciate your expertise and skills.  I pray that you realize and will always remember that you are making a difference in people’s lives each and everyday.

I am pleased to tell you that I am closer everyday to leading a “normal” life again. I hope you continue to help other patients through difficult times and pray you continue to be a blessing!

Dr. Oyesiku,

Thanks to you and your team, so many lives are saved and changed. We are truly grateful.

For everyone who has a part in my surgery today, thank you for taking good care of me! Many people are praying for all of us!

We enjoyed attending the Pituitary Day and 1776 recognition for Dr. Oyesiku. I sincerely appreciate all that Dr. Oyesiku has done for me.

Dr. Oyesiku,

I would like to congratulate you on your Gentle Giant Award and on your 1776 milestone. We will be unable to attend your “big day,” but wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate you.

My husband had surgery several years ago.  You literally saved his life. We will never forget your concern, your professionalism, your expertise in brain surgery, but most of all your friendship. We have had to contact you and been seen several times with ups and downs, but we thank God that we continue with our lives.

We have been married for 46 years and I could not let this opportunity pass without expressing our appreciation for your dedication and genuine concern for your patients.

Enjoy “your day!”

Dear Dr. Oyesiku and Dr. Ioachimescu,

I want to thank both of you and your teams for the wonderful care I have received. The pre/post surgery treatment has been magnificent. Please never take your attention to detail for granted. I was not aware of the Acromegaly disease prior to being diagnosed. From day one of this journey my family and I were always informed by you and your staff of how the disease was impacting my body and what we could expect throughout the process. In a day when it seems customer service is an unusual event your team excelled at all levels.

As matter of fact, the attention to detail that I received from every Emory physician and their staff including the corrective jaw surgeries and orthodontics was so positively impactful that have changed my Primary Physician to an Emory doctor.

My God richly bless each of you.

Professor Oyesiku,

Just wanted to say thank you for being so kind to see me when I was first diagnosed. Thank you also for your patience and care.

Dr. Oyesiku,

Just wanted to use this medium to say thank you for your kindness and warmth of care as I took my health journey.God bless you.

Dr Oyesiku and Team,

From my very first appointment when I learned the news of the meningioma tumor, I must admit that I was overwhelmed. You all quickly helped me to feel comforted and confident that I would be well cared for and had the best team to treat this medical condition.

I am thankful that you are my medical team and grateful for all that you do to help your patients navigate through the process.

Thank you for your medical care of <patient> in 2013.

Dr. Oyesiku, Thank you for restoring my life. You will always be in my family’s prayer. I am the person I am today because the blessing you and God gave me. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I was an active duty, army, E-8. I successfully completed 24 years of active duty military.

Thank you!

Dear Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for your skill in performing the removal of my pituitary tumors in the operation room. Your immense skill in the operation room is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dr. Oyesiku!


Dr. Oyesiku,

Thank you for your outstanding service to me and the gift of your special talents to humanity.


Dr. Oyesiku is without a doubt a very caring and great surgeon. I am most grateful for him.