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Child & Adolescent Evaluation Service

The evaluation service is comprised of several clinics, which offer parents an initial evaluation or second opinion about their child’s possible psychiatric needs. These clinics meet on different days and with different teams. It is made up of an attending physician, a clinical social worker and trainees at an advanced level in Psychiatry, Psychology and Social Work. Parents and teachers are asked to fill out questionnaires about the child. On the day of the appointment, the parents and child are interviewed (together and separately), and other professionals who know the child (teacher, family therapist, or family doctor) are contacted for additional information. We then combine all that we have learned to make recommendations to meet the child’s best mental health needs. Sometimes there will be a recommendation for further evaluation here or for other medical or psychological testing. Sometimes a recommendation for psychotherapy or medication will be given. When that cannot be offered at UNC through one of our sub-specialty clinics, we will provide information and recommendations to your current provider or provide referrals and continue to follow up until the child is established with the appropriate services. The clinic also serves as a resource for the State of North Carolina and as such consults with community mental health centers, school systems, psychiatrists and other agencies throughout the state.

Referral Process

Patients’ families, or professionals in the medical field who work with them, can make referrals to these clinics by calling the front desk at (984) 974-5217. A packet of information and questionnaires will be sent out and must be completed and returned before an appointment date and time are given. The current healthcare provider’s name and phone number must be included in the returned information packet.