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The Department of Psychiatry is pleased to announce the expansion of its faculty private practice, UNC Mental Health Specialists, to include a practice at Rex Medical Plaza, 4414 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 509, Raleigh and a practice at 110 Conner Drive, Suite 4, Chapel Hill . The phone number for the Raleigh practice is 919-882-0590. The phone number for the Chapel Hill practice is 919-445-0770.

UNC Mental Health Specialists, a community-based private practice, enables the Department to provide high-quality care by a group of faculty members who are considered specialists in specific areas of mental health. These specialists cover a broad range of psychiatric problems for children, adolescents and adults, and offer the most current treatment and care available. The clinic at Rex will include a full-time psychiatrist specializing in women’s reproductive mood disorders, such as PMS, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), postpartum depression, depression during pregnancy, pregnancy-related psychosis and depression following pregnancy loss.

UNC Mental Health Specialists is a “payment at the time of service” practice operating under a separate federal tax ID number from our other P&A clinics. Patients are expected to pay in-full at the time of each visit. No third-party payer is accepted, although patients will receive a statement for services rendered that will include diagnosis and treatment codes, which patients can then use to file for insurance reimbursement if they so choose. Because the UNC Mental Health Specialists clinics do not accept third-party assignment, services cannot be provided to Medicare and Medicaid patients at either our Conner Drive clinic in Chapel Hill or the new Rex location. In addition, the practice does not participate in the Health Care System patient financial assistance program. Medicare and Medicaid patients will receive evaluations and treatment through Psychiatry outpatient clinics at the UNC Neurosciences Hospital.

Crystal Rogan, Administrative Director, is responsible for informing patients about practice policies and screening referrals. Crystal’s email address is

Please click here for directions and a map to UNC Mental Health Specialist in Raleigh.

Please click here for directions and a map to UNC Mental Health Specialists in Chapel Hill.