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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth refers to the use of technology to deliver patient care.  When you hear people say “telepsychiatry”, this refers to the use of technology specifically to deliver behavioral health care.  The most important tool in telepsychiatry today is the use of video visits.  Video visits allow you to meet with your UNC Psychiatry provider using a secure, internet-based platform from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.  It removes the usual barriers that you might have going to appointments in-person, while still maintaining the high-quality of care you expect from UNC Psychiatry.


Why Telehealth and Video Vists?

Video visits have several advantages over in-person appointments.  Most importantly, they increase access to Psychiatry care, by allowing patients from anywhere in North Carolina to get the care they need through UNC Psychiatry.  By eliminating the need for you to drive to a UNC Psychiatry clinic, it reduces the time you need to set aside for appointments, making it more convenient than in-person appointments.  For those without consistent transportation, video visits eliminate that worry.  Finally, it allows you to have appointments when you are in a private space at work, reducing time you need to take off from your job.  Now, your appointments can more easily be fit in your busy schedule between obligations at work or at home.


How does it work?

The best way to schedule a video visit with UNC Psychiatry is to first log into your My UNC Chart account from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer.  Use of a strong internet/wi-fi signal is recommended for the best experience.  If you are already a UNC Health patient, but do not yet have a My UNC Chart account, fill out this online form to request activation of your account.  If you are a new patient to UNC Health, please call UNC Psychiatry at 984-974-5217 for instructions on activation of your My UNC Chart account.  Once you are logged into My UNC Chart, follow these instructions for how to schedule a video visit.


Prior to your appointment, you will need to log into My UNC Chart and complete the “Getting Started” process in order to be ready for your provider at your appointment time.  If you have difficulty with any of these steps, please call 888-966-2767 or our clinic lines below.  On the day of your appointment, once you complete the “Getting Started” process, you will wait for your provider to join your video session.  We recommend you try and find a quiet, private place to have your video visit.

Adult Outpatient Psychiatry(984) 974-5217

Child Outpatient Psychiatry(984) 974-2199